New! Youth Summer Camp

We are proud to now offer a YOUTH SUMMER RUNNING CAMP for students grades 3-8. We are so excited to finally continue our affordable and fun youth clubs into the summer. Now your whole family can complete our iconic summer all-comer track meets and then continue a summer of running fun with one or two weeks of camp!

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Why order 1 shoe when you can try 6?!

You can save money, save time, treat your feet and your body, and try on 4, 5, 6…heck, try on a dozen different pairs before you decide what you like. Make shoe buying simpler. Experience selection. Talk to a PERSON. And get the RIGHT fit, EVERY time.

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Why Group Run?

One beautiful aspect of running and walking is its simplicity. Good socks and shoes and a good-fitting bra can take you a long way (add water bottles and a energy chews and you can go a long long way indeed!) There’s no need for a field or a court or a team of any kind. Just you and the open sidewalk.

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