ON Footwear Launch!

Foot traffic is STOKED to add On footwear to our stores. Our Northeast location will be the first store to debut some of their most innovative (and might we say, beautiful, styles) on our wall.

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Why Group Run?

One beautiful aspect of running and walking is its simplicity. Good socks and shoes and a good-fitting bra can take you a long way (add water bottles and a energy chews and you can go a long long way indeed!) There’s no need for a field or a court or a team of any kind. Just you and the open sidewalk.

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Shopping For Shoes Online? Buyer Beware!

You can save money, save time, treat your feet and your body, and try on 4, 5, 6…heck, try on a dozen different pairs before you decide what you like. Make shoe buying simpler. Experience selection. Talk to a PERSON. And get the RIGHT fit, EVERY time.

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