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Welcome to Foot Traffic’s YOUTH SUMMER RUNNING CAMP! We are so excited to continue our affordable and fun youth clubs to the summer. Now your whole family can complete our iconic summer all-comer track meets and THEN your young athletes can continue to pursue their passion with the below summer camp options! Choose either one…or BOTH for super discount. All practices are from 10am-11:30am, include a club shirt, a club headband, and coaching & running games!


WEST SIDE (Terra Linda Park): June 22nd-June 26th and June 29th-July 3rd and Aug. 10th-14th

EAST SIDE (Grant Park): July 13th-July 17th and July 20th-July 24th and Aug. 3rd-7th


A low-pressure & super-fun introduction to running for young athletes grade 2-8! Sure, we’ll take the kiddos running, but it’s beyond just logging miles & sweating away the summer. Our program focuses on instilling joy & enthusiasm for running & building knowledge and appreciation. Here’s what to expect.

  • Intro to workout structures, including proper stretching, warm-ups, and basic workout terminology.
  • Basic nutrition ideas that are made for kids!
  • Games centered around running to make it fun!


Our certified head coach has years of experience leading all ages and abilities. We also have assistant coaches from area high school XC & track programs to add excitement & knowledge. Our ideal ratio is 10 athletes to 1 coach.


We take the risks and challenges of operating a camp during the time of COVID-19 very seriously. We also recognize how important physical exercise and movement is to our immune systems, especially our children. We will be adhering to state standards for small gatherings and distancing requirements by doing the following:

  1. Splitting our small camp into 2-3 groups of 10.
  2. Requiring all kids to bring their own water bottles
  3. Operating games and running activities that limit close contact.
  4. Only offering outdoor activities in the open air, where the risk of infection is significantly lower.
  5. No shared snacks.
  6. Requiring that our coaches wear masks when possible in close proximity to campers (the rest of the time, for safety, they will need to remove masks for safe communication and health).


WEST SIDE (for Grades 2-8):
EAST SIDE (for Grades 2-8):
  • SESSION 1 – EAST SIDE (Grant Park): July 13th-July 17th SOLD OUT
  • SESSION 2 – EAST SIDE (Grant Park): July 20th-July 24th SOLD OUT
  • SESSION 3 – EAST SIDE(Grant Park): Aug. 3rd-Aug. 7th SOLD OUT

TIME FOR ALL WEEKS: 10am-11:30am, Monday-Friday


  • SESSION 1 for East side or West side: First session of our summer camp! Includes club shirt, headband, and coaching. $79 SOLD OUT
  • SESSION 2 for East side or West side: Second session of our summer camp! Child does NOT have to join the first session to join the second session. Includes club shirt, headband, coaching, a snack, and take-home crafts. $79 SOLD OUT
  • SESSION 3 for East side or West side: This is an added date given that the other dates filled. Includes club shirt, headband, and coaching. $79 EAST SOLD OUT

Get a super discount if you sign your kiddo up for two weeks. A $33 discount! Includes club shirt, headband, coaching, a snack, and take-home crafts. One shirt and headband for both sessions, however. $125

SIBLING RATE, SESSION ONE or TWO: Choose this for your 2nd child only and for the third sessions only (and for every additional child) $50
We offer fee waivers and reduced fees to those in need. Inquire by emailing!


  • EAST SIDE: Grant High School Track/Bowl in the NW corner above the track. Look for the Foot Traffic tent on the first day!
  • WEST SIDE: Terra Linda Park.  Look for the Foot Traffic tent on the first day!



  • Sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • Properly-fit, well-made running shoes (15% off at Foot Traffic for all registrants and their parents)
  • NOTE: If your child or anyone in your household has a fever, we ask that they remain home and we can provide a full refund. Thank you for your understanding!
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