Join An All-Star Crew…
Work at Foot Traffic!

If you love motivating others to get out there and GO BY FOOT and you agree that recommending the right products and providing excellent customer service are integral to the pursuance of that goal, you have come to the right place.

Foot Traffic History

Foot Traffic was founded in 2000 at the site of an old video store in NE Portland in the beautiful Alameda district. The neighborhood setting set the stage for our community- based business model that focuses on immersing our employees and our operations directly within the community around us. Since that time, Foot Traffic has opened 4 more locations serving the communities in Downtown Portland, Sellwood, Cedar Mill, and Vancouver.

Foot Traffic’s community-based business model emphasizes:

1.) Access to the sport.
2.) Creating a one-stop hub for all things running and walking and fitness.
3.) Commitment is to the betterment of our fellow runners and walkers and the community they live in.

Our employment principles echo our customer-facing mission statement:

1.) Profit via product expertise, selection, and trust.
2.) Inclusion via expanding access to the sport through both free and paid programs for all ages.
3.) Viewing each and every employee as ambassador of the sport and the store.

We can only serve our customers and our community if we commit to our successful and customer-driven business strategies.

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