Fueled By Fine Wine Half Marathon 2024

Sunday, July 14th @ Dundee Billick Park

THANK YOU! We conquered the hills and savored the wine and we can’t wait to see you next year. Stay tuned for registration info by subscribing to Foot Traffic’s Newsletter HERE




2024 Limited to just 1050 spots!





Limited to 1050 participants in 2024, so don’t wait! From the wine to the course, the FBFW is unparalleled. If you’ve joined us before, you know what awaits, with over 16 world-class wineries tasting after the event and a stunning course traversing private vineyards and sweeping vistas. If this is your first time joining us, you are in for a treat and we can’t wait to show off all that Dundee has to offer! 

  • Challenging, beautiful race across world-class private vineyards!
  • Wine tasting with over 19 top-tier wineries!
  • Gorgeous setting only 30 minutes southwest of Portland.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful large medals.
  • Custom bib with your name on it.
  • Chip-timing for our in-person racers.
  • Virtual results for our virtual racers.
  • Super cute race shirts


$99 until race fills

  • Exclusive winery race course.
  • World-class wine tasting. Over 18 wineries!
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medals.
  • Chip timing
  • Custom race bib

$45 Wine Tasting Pass
(Until race fills)

  • Tasting entry to post race festival
  • World-class wine tasting. Over 18 wineries!
  • Includes full selection of world-class wineries.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • For 21 and over only.
  • Must pre-register to guarantee glass

$87 until race fills

  • Exclusive winery race course.
  • World-class wine tasting. Over 18 wineries!
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medals.
  • Chip timing
  • Custom race bib


  • Good on registrations with 5 or more! Any distance or virtual count!
  • EMAIL US to request a code.
  • Great group outing for staff, weddings, reunions or just your favorite running buddies!
  • World-class winery tasting and racing with friends!

$69 until race fills

  • Exclusive winery race course.
  • World-class wine tasting. Over 18 wineries!
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medals.
  • Chip timing
  • Custom race bib

$69 until race fills

  • Choose from the 5K/Quarter/Half
  • World-class wine tasting punch card with over a dozen wineries.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medal.
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Virtual race results.


Ranked as one of the top half marathons in the country, the Fueled By Fine Wine is a race like no other. Sure, there are wine-focused races. Sure, there are beautiful courses. But nowhere will you find the combination of world-class wine tasting and a one-of-a-kind course snaking across gorgeous vineyards and vistas.

Rooted in the Dundee Hills, the FBFW actually traverses the wineries and hills that make up the heart of our tasting tent. You will be CHALLENGED by the hills and tough terrain but REWARDED by the wine! The course features a mix of dirt, grass, gravel roads, and hilly country roads as you weave your way across some of the most acclaimed vineyards in the Northwest. If you like flat road courses, this race is not for you. If you love challenging yourself, amazing wine, and creating a memory that will last forever with your friends, this is for you!

Wine tasting: Yes, this is the whole reason we’re out here! A star-studded lineup of DHWA wineries will be serving you wine under individual tasting tents throughout the park. Take your commemorative wine glass and choose the wineries you have always wanted to test. Have a friend or loved one that doesn’t run? Not a problem! You can acutally buy a separate tasting ticket for $40 (valued at over 3 times that amount) and they’ll get a commemorative glass and all the wine tasting too! NOTE: Due to the dynamics of planning in a post-COVID world, confirming certain details like participating wineries is not always possible until shortly before the race. While we have a star-studded list already confirmed, many others are still working diligently to find staffing and scheduling in an evolving industry. If you would like to find out if a specific winery will be present, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can let you know if they are on the list! Thanks for your patience!

THE SWAG: Cute shirts, commemorative wine glass, huge beautiful medals, commemorative bibs and chip timing, and amazing wineries to taste from post race! What else would you expect from this summer Dundee Hills tradition.

THE COURSE: Racing across nearly a dozen PRIVATE vineyards is an experience like no other. It is a VERY challenging race with LOTS of up and down and lots of gravel, dirt and grass in addition to country roads. But the views and ability to be UP CLOSE to such amazing vineyards before tasting the wine that comes from those grapes is an experience like no other. Bring your trail shoes, be prepared for hills, and bring your camera!

VIRTUAL: Can’t make that date? Not a problem! Do the race on your own from July 18th to July 24th and you’ll get the medal, the shirt, the commemorative bib, and a punch card with free wine tasting to use over the next year! It’s an amazing deal and allows you to visit Oregon wine country during the time that fits your schedule best!


  • UPDATED! 6:45am:Early start (12 min. pace and over, HALF ONLY)
  • 7:15am: Wave 1 (9 minutes and under)
  • 7:16am: Wave 2 (9-12 minutes)


  • 7:55 am: Wave 1 (10 minutes and under)
  • 7:58am: Wave 2 (10 minutes and over)

IMPORTANT CUTOFF AND TIME LIMIT INFORMATION: There is a 4 hour cut off for this event. Wine tasting BEGINS at 8:45am and ENDS at 11:30am and the course reopens to regular traffic rules at 11am. Please plan accordingly. If you feel that you cannot make the 4 hour cut-off for this race, please request to transfer down to the quarter marathon at bib pick up. This is a CHALLENGING course and it is not meant for the beginner half marathoner or a slower walker unfortunately.

There will be multiple bib pick up days the week prior to the race. Locations and times are listed below!

SHIPPING FOR VIRTUAL PACKETS: We strongly suggest you pick up your virtual packet to ensure that your wine glass does not break in transit. However, for those of you that are out of the area, we can ship your items if you request it with our shipping button below (fees will apply). THERE IS NO SHIPPING FOR IN-PERSON RACES (the items will not arrive in time to enable that).

TIMES/LOCATIONS: (subject to change. check back before the race)


The Dundee Hills


Welcome to Oregon’s Dundee Hills: Rooted in approachable elegance.

Known as the epicenter of Oregon Pinot Noir, our winemakers capture the nuance of the region, offering award-winning wines year after year. Visit our luxurious bed and breakfasts, venture into the vineyards for a firsthand look at our grapes, hear the stories of our winemaking pioneers, and linger over a slow dinner. The Dundee Hills will capture your heart; from sip to stay, this is an experience you’ll never forget.





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There will be at least 8 water stations on the half marathon race course and 3 for the quarter marathon. The 5K will have one water station. Each station will have:

  • Water
  • Electrolytes (Nuun and Gu Brew)
  • Gels  (Likely Clif gels or Gu)

Locations of the water stations will be announced soon after the final course is revealed. Our course and locations are subject to the generosity and the grace of all the vineyard owners that allow us to traverse their property. We appreciate your patience and willingness to adapt as we develop fun new course options!


Parking will be at the lot immediately adjacent to the park on 5th Street in a large field. See image. We require that all households/spectators/participants come in one vehicle as allowed. Thank you for understanding and making arrival smooth!


(Click here for a MapMyRun link)

Note that course is subject to slight changes before race day based on permissions and the number of private vineyards involved.


  • Is there a bag check? Absolutely!
  • Where do I park? There is a lot nearby that we will direct you to. In addition, there is a ton of street parking that you can take advantage of. Please plan to carpool and give yourself at least 30 minutes before the race to get parked and get ready for the race.
  • How do the staggered starts work? We combine our Half and Quarter starts together and then start our 5K after all our Half/Quarter get off most of the first part of the course. We will also stagger our starts based on pace groups by just a few minutes just to ease any congestion at the very beginning. The exact schedule is listed on the website here.
  • Are spectator allowed? Absolutely. We strongly believe that the support of our friends and family are important for our mental and physical well being. But we absolutely only want one vehicle per household or group, if possible. Parking is limited. In addition, we ask that spectators provide plenty of space in the starting area for adequate spacing.
  • Can I purchase extra tasting tickets? YES! This is highly suggested for your friends and/or family that will join you. The tasting tickets are $40 and include a wine glass and all the tasting that the participants get!
  • Are dogs allowed? NO, for insurance purposes and for congestion and safety, they are not allowed.
  • Are there water stations? Yes! We will have at 7 water stations on the course for the half marathon, 3 for the quarter, and 1 for the half. We will have water, electrolytes, and gels at each station.
  • How does the virtual race work? It’s really simple! 1.) Register for the virtual race. 2.) Race on your own anytime and anywhere up to 7 days after race day 3.) You will receive a text and email prompt that you can submit your finish time to and any photos if you want to add them! 4.) You will be able to pick up your swag at any bib pick up location OR you can choose to have it shipped to you ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE THIS THROUGH OUR SHIPPING LINK.
  • How are we doing the packet distribution? We are offering a bib pick up over the course of multiple days before the race. See the bib pick up section for dates and times.
  • Can I have my virtual items shipped? YES, you can! You must request and pay for this through our shipping link below. (International shipping is subject to additional costs to be determined at time of shipping.)
  • Can I have my items shipped if I’m doing the in person race? Unfortunately, no. Items won’t be available early enough to get them to you on time.


Did you know that we go through over 6,000 cups in a typical 1,000 person race that just end up in the landfill and require harvesting trees to produce the paper cups? Did you know there’s a solution that is pretty darn simple and involves just one cup that you can reuse for ALL of your races and in your car and anywhere that you may need a cup in a hurry?  Read below about our cupless plan this year

WILL THERE BE ANY PAPER CUPS? Yes, some. Cupless is not required and we will have cups on our courses for 2023 for the time being. BUT we are going to be reminding everyone about our cupless challenge repeatedly as we near the event! It’s our goal that you CHOOSE to make this change before we mandate it!

WHERE DO I GET A REUSABLE and COLLAPSIBLE RACE CUP? If you already have one, you are all set! Just put it in your pocket on race day! If you don’t, you can buy those in any local running shop or almost any outdoor shop! We’ll have some super affordable options at bib pick up as well to ensure that you don’t have to commit much money at all to do. You can also buy these Foot Traffic collapsible cups here for just $5 or 2 for $9 in the stores.

HOW WILL YOU DISTRIBUTE WATER IN EACH CUP? We will separate our water stations into two sections to accommodate cupless participants as they approach first and those that opt for a cup will have a second station to fill. The cupless station will have volunteers simply pouring water in the cup as you hold it out. There will also be water jugs with a spigot for you to self-fill.

DO I NEED TO USE A COLLAPSIBLE CUP OR CAN I USE ANY WATER CARRIER? There are a ton of other hydration options including larger hand-helds, packs, and water belts. If you have those, you are welcome to bring those instead! Those options also offer some additional benefits given that you can store more water and drink between stations and enjoy less congestion at the water stations. Contact any Foot Traffic store if you need guidance on what options are best for you!

WHY AREN’T YOU PROVIDING FREE REUSABLE COLLAPSIBLE CUPS? This is very simple. Races that have to produce and provide thousands of free reusable cups is akin to the fallacy of providing a free reusable grocery bag to anyone going into the grocery store buying groceries. What ends up happening is we end up with a whole new issue of plastic waste with everyone expecting to have those provided at any race. We replace one issue with another one! It’s our goal to help encourage everyone to remember to simply BRING YOUR OWN reusable cup just like bringing your own reusable grocery bag that you hopefully reuse for dozens or hundreds of races throughout the years! We understand some of you may forget, and that’s OK. But eventually, we can all train ourselves to make a few small changes like this!


One of the most defining features of this race is not just the amazing wine, but the rare opportunity to traverse private vineyards before you come back to the tasting party. Along with this privilege comes the challenge: vineyards are not flat, smooth, or easy to get to! Of course, this is what makes the reward so much SWEETER! After all, the race is called FUELED BY FINE WINE for a reason! You are punished by the hills, but rewarded by the wine. Below you’ll find some more helpful details about the race and how to prepare for the changing courses each year.

  • ROUTE UPDATES: Yes, this race has never been exactly the same from year to year and that’s part of the fun! It does make it a little difficult for those of you that like to know every detail about a course ahead of time, but it’s also a reminder that nothing can exactly prepare you for a course on a working farm. After all, farms are constantly being tended to, adapted, adjusted, tilled up, and maintained. With this said, we usually expect to have  our 99% finalized yearly course ready about a month ahead of the actual race date. That’s when you can expect to see an updated link and email.
  • SURFACES: All different distances should expect varied terrain. From the 5K to the half marathon, all courses will feature bumpy grass, dusty paths, gravel, as well as paved country roads. This doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable and amazingly scenic (the views at the tops are always worth it!), but it just means you should expect to slow down a little and take a moment to focus on footing.
  • VINEYARDS: You will find yourself running THROUGH some actual grape rows, through farm access roads, and up or down some steep gravel roads. We will do our best to update you once we know about a month ahead of time, which vineyards you will cross! We will note them on the map so you can reference them when you head back for tasting!
  • TRAIL SHOES OR NOT? We recommend that you get a pair of trail shoes but it is not necessary. There are long sections of paved road as well, so a road shoe will serve you well on those sections. BUT… the advantage of a trail shoe is a stiffer midsole that may help a bit with any rocks or uneven surfaces. The ground should not be muddy in July, but it will be dusty. We do see many people recycling their shoes afterwards and slipping on a pair of Oofos sandals (we’ll have them there to purchase) or just getting a new pair after they use up the rest of their shoe on this dusty race course.
  • A BUFF: We highly recommend that you snag a neck gaiter (or BUFF, as some people refer to them as) to keep around your neck so you can pull it up periodically when it gets dusty. It’s not always dusty, but if you find yourself in a pack in a section that is along that red jory soil, you’ll be glad you had something to just cut some of that dust out a bit.

Spectator Information

A common question leading up to the event is whether spectators and family can come and celebrate your finish. The answer is a resounding YES! But here are a few pointers to make their visit even more enjoyable!

  • CARPOOL: With a smaller venue like we have, it’s incredibly important for everyone to arrive together. We don’t have enough parking to accommodate families to come separately. Please plan on carpooling with your family or with others!
  • ON-COURSE VIEWING: We know that some of your support crew may wnat to be ON the course somewhere. Here are some ways that you can easily make this happen:
    • Drive and STAY at the spot. Do not drive throughotut the course given that it’s dusty and unsafe. Find a water station and hang out or volunteer there.
    • Bring a bike! Biking is a great way to monitor the course and jump from spot to spot.
    • VOLUNTEER AT A WATER STATION! Email info@foottraffic.us and let us know if you want to volunteer at one of the earlier water stations. You can be there as a cheer squad for your friends or family, earn yourself a free tasting ticket, and can still head back after your shift is over to celebrate with them at the finish!
  • TASTING TICKETS: Did you know that if you are over 21, you can purchase a tasting ticket of your own and you don’t even have to run the race?! Yep, it’s true. Just click on the register button and choose that option.
  • FOOD: We ask that family do not grab the food marked for participants. This is an honor system thing, but it helps ensure we have enough for folks finishing later. We DO, however, bring multiple food trucks to offer really tasty food to buy during and after the race!
  • ANIMALS/DOGS/PETS: Please DO NOT bring dogs to the venue or on the course. Our insurance does not allow for pets at the event, and while it may be OK to have them at the park in general, it will likely be warm that day and the excitement and noise of an event is not the best place for an animal.


From injuries to prevention and performance improvement, our Physical Therapy partners at PT Solutions Oregon are here to help YOU! Click here or their logo above for one of their many Oregon locations to help serve you!