Last chance registration options listed below

This race always fills, but this year has proven to be faster than normal! We do always offer one last chance registration chance with 10 released at each of our 4 bib pick up days (days listed below) To qualify, it’s first-come, first-served and you must make a purchase of $100 or more at Foot Traffic (gift cards count). Please cash only for the registration fees at bib pick up though!


NOTE: Always confirm dates the week of the race in case of emergency event changes.

Saturday, June 29th, 10-5:

Foot Traffic Northeast

Sunday, June 30th, 11:30-4:30

Foot Traffic Sellwood

Tuesday, July 2nd, 12-6pm:

Foot Traffic Vancouver

Wednesday, July 3rd, 10-3:

Foot Traffic West



  • VIRTUAL? NEED PACKET SHIPPED? Click  this link and you’ll find the shipping “ADD-ON” at the bottom of the registration options.
  • YES, there is a race day pick up option. But to limit congestion and to make things smoother and safer on race day, we highly encourage you to try to pick up your packet at one of the pick up days above!



Join us for a the best Fourth of July race tradition in the Northwest!



  • Beautiful farming island setting at the Pumpkin Patch farm.
  • Always super cute medals, shirts and bibs!
  • SPECIAL COLLABORATION! Ice cream from our local partner, Alden’s Organics! Including vegan options! 
  • Snacks and misting tents at the finish venue.
  • Custom race bib (with your name on it if you sign up before June 21st!)
  • Multiple race distance options with chip timing and certified half and full marathon courses.
  • Virtual race options!
  • FLAT and fast courses with a gorgeous setting.
  • Limited entry race that fills every year.
  • The ONLY opportunity to race on scenic SAUVIE ISLAND and a great fundraiser for the Sauvie Island Volunteer Fire Department and community groups!


Looking for great sponsorship opportunities? Email info@foottraffic.us




  • One loop plus scenic out & back on Sauvie Island Rd!
  • Boston Qualifier, certified.
  • Flat & fast.
  • Cute tech race shirts
  • Custom race bib
  • Ice cream from Alden’s Organic Ice Cream
  • Super cute heron sunset medal!



  • 1 loop CERTIFIED course around the island!
  • Cute tech race shirts
  • Chip timing
  • Flat, fast course.
  • Custom race bib
  • Ice cream from Alden’s Organic Ice Cream
  • Super cute heron sunset medal!



  • 1/2 loop, chip-timed, point-to-point course.
  • Incl. shuttle back to start!
  • Flat & fast.
  • Cute tech race shirts
  • Custom race bib
  • Ice cream from Alden’s Organic Ice Cream
  • Super cute heron sunset medal!



  • Out and back course from the Pumpkin Patch!
  • Cute tech race shirts
  • Chip timing
  • Pumpkin Patch finish!
  • Custom race bib
  • Ice cream from Alden’s Organic Ice Cream
  • Super cute heron sunset medal!



  • 5K • Quarter • Half • Full
  • Race on your own!
  • Cute tech race shirt
  • Custom race bib
  • Personal finish line
  • Coupon for free Ice Cream!
  • Super cute heron sunset medal!


Click images for RunGo links

Full Marathon Map

Dual certified! Cert # OR23006JH. The full marathon is a certified and Boston qualifying course (as always). The race starts and finishes at the Pumpkin Patch and will feature our regular half marathon loop as well as an out and back along Sauvie Island Rd. The course is very flat with a few gentle rolls along Sauvie Island Rd., when you rise up onto the levy, & on the short out & back section near the school.  There are 14 water stations on this course and each water station will be equipped with restrooms, hand washing stations, water, electrolyte (Nuun), as well as Gu Liquid Energy Gels. IMPORTANT! There is a 5.5 HOUR TIME LIMIT ON THIS RACE in order to comply with Sauvie Island farm and resident requests! This limit is slightly lower than past years, so please plan accordingly. Early start at 5:30am is available. 

Half marathon map

Dual certified! Cert # OR23007JH. The half marathon is also a certified and qualifying course (as always). The race starts and finishes at the Pumpkin Patch and features ONE clockwise loop around the island. The course is VERY flat with just two small inclines: 1.) When you rise up onto the levy and on the short out and back section near the school. The course is very scenic with lots of farmland, wildlife, and gorgeous barns along the road. There are a total of 7 water stations on this course and each water station will be equipped with restrooms, hand washing stations, water, electrolyte (Nuun), as well as Gu Liquid Energy Gels. There is not a lot of spectator support given it takes you through farmland, but guarantee you’ll enjoy the quiet beauty of the island.

Quarter Marathon Map

The quarter marathon is in it’s second year and is a POINT TO POINT course! This allows quarter marathoners the ability to see more of the island than our traditional out-and-back courses and it also accommodates our pressing need to stagger all the race starts. The race starts at the Pumpkin Patch and heads clockwise and finishes on the back side of the island. The finish line on the back side will have restrooms and hand washing stations, water, electrolyte (Nuun), as well as Gu Liquid Energy Gels BUT the main finish venue will have the ice cream sandwiches and entertainment. NOTE: We will have 2-3 shuttle buses taking participants back to the finish venue as you finish! This comes with your registration fee! There will be 3 water stations on this course.

Portland 5K map

The 5K course is a pancake flat out-and-back course that starts and finishes at the Pumpkin Patch. The course is very scenic with lots of farmland, wildlife, and gorgeous barns along the road. The 5K course will start after the full, half, and quarter marathon depart to allow for adequate spacing and relieve congestion. There will be no planned water station for the 5K to avoid bunching with the shorter race distance. We hope you understand and plan accordingly by either drinking water before or bringing water with you if your finish time necessitates it. There is not a lot of spectator support given it takes you through farmland, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy the quiet beauty of the island.


NOTE: The race schedule below is subject to change based on course requirements from the island, municipalities and logistical purposes. Please check back prior to the race to double check!

5:30: Early start marathon (10 minutes and over) (5.5 hour time limit, see note above)
6:10: Later start marathon (UNDER 10 minutes)
6:30: Wave 1 (8:30 pace & under)
6:32: Wave 2 (8:30-9:30 pace)
6:34: Wave 3 (9:30-10:30 pace)
6:36: Wave 4 (10:30-11:30 pace)
6:38: Wave 5 (11:30 pace & over)
7:10: Wave 1 (10:30 pace & under)
7:12: Wave 2 (Over 10:30 pace)
8:30am: Route starts at animal barn and loops through back side of farm!


Did you know that we go through over 6,000 cups in a typical 1,000 person race that just end up in the landfill and require harvesting trees to produce the paper cups? Did you know there’s a solution that is pretty darn simple and involves just one cup that you can reuse for ALL of your races and in your car and anywhere that you may need a cup in a hurry?  Read below about our cupless plan this year

WILL THERE BE ANY PAPER CUPS? Yes, some. Cupless is not required and we will have cups on our courses for 2023 for the time being. BUT we are going to be reminding everyone about our cupless challenge repeatedly as we near the event! It’s our goal that you CHOOSE to make this change before we mandate it!

WHERE DO I GET A REUSABLE and COLLAPSIBLE RACE CUP? If you already have one, you are all set! Just put it in your pocket on race day! If you don’t, you can buy those in any local running shop or almost any outdoor shop! We’ll have some super affordable options at bib pick up as well to ensure that you don’t have to commit much money at all to do. You can also buy a Nathan TWO PACK HERE for just $10!

HOW WILL YOU DISTRIBUTE WATER IN EACH CUP? We will separate our water stations into two sections to accommodate cupless participants as they approach first and those that opt for a cup will have a second station to fill. The cupless station will have volunteers simply pouring water in the cup as you hold it out. There will also be water jugs with a spigot for you to self-fill.

DO I NEED TO USE A COLLAPSIBLE CUP OR CAN I USE ANY WATER CARRIER? There are a ton of other hydration options including larger hand-helds, packs, and water belts. If you have those, you are welcome to bring those instead! Those options also offer some additional benefits given that you can store more water and drink between stations and enjoy less congestion at the water stations. Contact any Foot Traffic store if you need guidance on what options are best for you!

WHY AREN’T YOU PROVIDING FREE REUSABLE COLLAPSIBLE CUPS? This is very simple. Races that have to produce and provide thousands of free reusable cups is akin to the fallacy of providing a free reusable grocery bag to anyone going into the grocery store buying groceries. What ends up happening is we end up with a whole new issue of plastic waste with everyone expecting to have those provided at any race. We replace one issue with another one! It’s our goal to help encourage everyone to remember to simply BRING YOUR OWN reusable cup just like bringing your own reusable grocery bag that you hopefully reuse for dozens or hundreds of races throughout the years! We understand some of you may forget, and that’s OK. But eventually, we can all train ourselves to make a few small changes like this!


We are proud to continue to support the both the Sauvie Island Volunteer Fire Department as well as various Sauvie Island community groups. Over the last 19 year, we have raised over $800,000 for the Sauvie Island community and the Fire Department! Your participation makes this support possible and we can’t wait to see you out on the island again soon. You’ll see the SIFD out there on the course and at the venue so make sure you say hello as you pass!

Thanks for your support!

SPONSOR HOTEL: The Silver Cloud Inn

The Silver Cloud Inn is conveniently located in NW Portland at the location of our shuttle drop off and pick up. In addition, it’s one of the closer hotels to the island (there are no hotels out there) and it happens to be right on the edge of the vibrant NW Portland commercial district with light rail and public transit easily accessible.


BOOK ONLINE: Group coupon code is “FOOT TRA”

BOOK BY PHONE: Group coupon code is “FOOT TRA”

From The Silver Cloud Inn!   Our restaurant, The Urban Steel Kitchen & Bar is currently open from 7am to 10pm for both dine in and room service. We serve and all day breakfast/lunch/dinner menu. Participant’s and their families will now have an in-house dining options the evening before and after the Foot Traffic Flat!


We love volunteers! Whether you are an individual looking to join in on the fun or with a group looking to fundraise or just get the word out about your organization, we have multiple options for you! Email info@foottraffic.us to inquire about any of the below!


  • Water stations
  • Finish line help
  • Bib pick up positions prior to the race.
  • Course monitor positions.
  • Music and/or singing the National Anthem before the race!
  • Help with handing out fruit and snacks.

Spectator Information (Bring the family! Carpool together!)

A common question leading up to the event is whether spectators and family can drive the course or come to the island after the race has started.  Our best answers for these questions are as follows:

  • ARE SPECTATORS WELCOME? Absolutely, YES! The Sauvie Island community and the Pumpkin Patch LOVE visitors and want this event to be fun for the whole family.
  • CAN SPECTATORS DRIVE AROUND THE ISLAND DURING THE RACE? No, we strongly discourage driving DURING the race. The island loop is open to traffic during the race in a counterclockwise direction, but we try to reserve that for residents and farmers. If you want to get to the other side of the island or cheer for someone somewhere on the course, a bike is the best way to accomplish this on this very flat course!
  • CAN YOU GET ON THE ISLAND AFTER THE RACE HAS STARTED? Spectators CAN get onto the island after the race has started, but since the one bridge onto the island is just under 2 miles from the start line, you may have to wait awhile once the race gets going. We STRONGLY ADVISE all participants and spectators to make the trip out TOGETHER to save gas, save space, and ease congestion!
  • Spectators can bring bikes onto the shuttle buses and pull into the aisles as space allows,but please budget accordingly given that some of the buses could be full with other bikes.
  • YES, the clockwise lane around the island is ostensibly closed by all practical means (it has to remain partially open for safety). With lots of runners and walkers looping around the island on a two lane road in a clockwise fashion, traffic is limited to local access only. For emergencies, traffic is allowed to access runners.


We will continue our popular shuttle offer this year! Shuttle takes you from NW Portland in front of the Silver Cloud Inn (2426 NW Vaughn St.) all the way to Sauvie Island & back! The shuttle is not required, but we always recommend taking it to alleviate traffic congestion on the island. Plus, it’s super convenient for those of you who would rather not drive, are from out of town, or don’t have a vehicle!

SHUTTLE TICKETS AT BIB PICK UP ARE $15 cash only. Limited to 225 total shuttle tickets this year. 

4:45am-7:10am: Buses depart as they are filled.
Return trips begin around 9 or 9:30 and final return trip is at 12:15pm.


  • Where does the shuttle pick me up in the morning? The buses all park in front of the Silver Cloud Inn. Do no park in the Silver Cloud Inn parking lot!
  • Where can I park in NW Portland. There is ample free street parking on July 4th, plus we have multiple lots to park in around the shuttle area.
  • Where do I get back on the shuttle? The shuttle buses line up between the Animal Barn and the Pumpkin Patch market at the venue. Simply jump on the bus when you are ready. We’ll make announcements as well.
  • Can spectators ride the shuttle? Yes! But they must buy a ticket as well. You can add two to your checkout when you register.
  • I forgot to buy a ticket when I was registering! Can I still buy one?  Yes, there will be a separate ticket below soon!
  • What do I show to get on the bus? You can print your confirmation email from Eventbrite, but we’ll also have a list of riders when you arrive and we’ll also provide shuttle ticket note on the back of your bibs!


  • Are there gels and electrolytes on the course? Yes! For the half, full and quarter marathon, we offer Gu Liquid Energy gels this year and Nuun on course. We will likely have a mix of calorie free Nuun as well as Nuun Endurance, but it is suggested that you arrange you own calories on course just to be safe.
  • Are the marathon and half courses certified? Yes, we always certify our half and full courses so they can provide a qualifying race for Boston or other events. The quarter and 5K will be accurately measured, but not certified.
  • Is there a shuttle this year?  Yes, we are offering a shuttle this year to and from NW Portland!
  • Can I take a car out on the island while the race is going? Technically, yes. The clockwise lane is closed to traffic but the counterclockwise lane is open. HOWEVER, we strongly discourage any car travel during the race given it creates more congestion and opportunities for issues on the course with local drivers. We strongly suggest either finding a spot on the opposite side of the island to stay at until the race is over before returning. The BEST option is to bring a bike to the island and bike around the island given you can safely navigate runners on a bike and leapfrog to other areas as well.
  • Is this race really FLAT?! Yes! The half marathon has one small 25 foot rise on the out and back section on Charlton Rd. The marathon has a few more undulations on the Sauvie Island out and back section, but overall, it’s a very flat course.
  • Are strollers allowed: Yes, strollers are allowed for all races. Please give yourself plenty of space and be aware of how much space there is around you to allow for easier passing and navigation.
  • Are dogs allowed? No, pets are not allowed for insurance purposes and crowd control.
  • What is the virtual race and how long do I have to do the virtual race? You have two weeks from July 3rd to July 15th to complete your virtual race. A virtual race is a fun and simple way to complete your chosen race distance on your own. Great for those that live out of town or great for those that will simply be traveling during our race this year. Those that register for the virtual race will receive an email and text a few days before race day/week with instructions on how to submit your results. You can either request and pay to have your items shipped on race weekend to you (they will likely arrive after July 4th given when items arrive for distribution) or you can simply pick them up at any of the many bib pick ups we schedule locally!
  • How are we doing the packet distribution? We are offering a bib pick up over the course of multiple days before the race (dates usually updated a few months before the race above).  If you are doing a virtual race, you can request to have your items shipped but we do not offer a shipping option for the in-person race given that you will not receive your packet in time for the July 4th date.
  • Can I have my virtual items shipped? YES, you can! YOU MUST REQUEST THIS THOUGH. See below for shipping links soon. (International shipping is subject to additional costs to be determined at time of shipping.)
  • When can you ship my virtual items? Given that most items will not arrive to us until the week of the race, it will be unlikely that we will be able to ship the packets to participants before July 4th. But…given that the race date is open for two weeks, we will first focus on in-store packet pick up dates the week prior to the race and then begin shipping items out immediately after.
  • How do I submit my virtual results? You will get a results link email and texted to you before the race date. You will simply respond to those with your results! If you do not get those, you can also just email them to results@hubertiming.com