Fourth of July
in a pastoral paradise!

26.2 • 13.1 • 10K • 5K

JULY 4th, 2019









JULY 4th, 2019  •  Sauvie Island, Oregon




  • Half Marathon WITH tech-shirt, huge finishers medal & custom race bib with your name (Nov. 1st to Jan. 15th): NA
  • Half Marathon WITH tech-shirt, huge finishers medal & custom race bib (Jan. 16th to April 1st): $72
  • Half Marathon WITH tech-shirt, huge finishers medal, custom race bib (April 2nd to June 11th): $78
  • Half Marathon with huge finishers medal, custom race bib, shirt not guaranteed: $78 (after June 11th)
  • Half Marathon Packet pick up (if available *see shirt info below): $85

10K (flat road course)

  • 10K WITH tech-shirt & finishers medal, custom race bib (Nov. 1st to Jan.15th): NA
  • 10K WITH tech-shirt & finishers medal, custom race bib (Jan. 16th to April 1st): $50
  • 10K WITH tech-shirt & finishers medal, custom race bib (April 2nd to June 11th EXTENDED!): $55
  • 10K with finishers medal, custom race bib, shirt not guaranteed (after June 11th): $55
  • 10K PACKET PICK UP (if available): $58



  • FULL Marathon WITH tech-shirt, huge finishers medal, & custom race bib (Nov. 1st to Jan. 15th): NA
  • FULL Marathon WITH tech-shirt, huge finishers medal, & custom race bib (Jan. 16th to April 1st): $90
  • FULL Marathon WITH tech-shirt & huge finishers medal, & custom race bib (April 2nd to June 11th): $95
  • FULL Marathon with huge finishers medal, and custom race bib, shirt not guaranteed: (after June 11th): $95
  • FULL Marathon Packet pick up (if available *see shirt info below): $105


5K (Flat road course)

  • 5K WITH tech-shirt & finishers medal, custom race bib (Nov. 1st-Jan. 15th): NA
  • 5K WITH tech-shirt & finishers medal, custom race bib (Jan. 16th to April 1st): $38
  • 5K WITH tech-shirt & finishers medal, custom race bib (April 2nd to June 11th): $40
  • 5K with finishers medal, custom race bib, shirt not guaranteed (after June 11th): $40
  • 5K PACKET PICK UP (if available): $44


The Venue:  Race in the morning in a farm land paradise and head back to town with a gorgeous medal around your neck and plenty of time for your Fourth of July celebrations that afternoon/evening!  Looking for the perfect place to start the festivities for your Fourth of July holiday? Look no further than Sauvie Island, the pastoral island paradise just 20 minutes north of downtown Portland. Start your morning off with sunrise views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helens, and Mt. Adams as you cross over the majestic Sauvie Island Bridge. When you get to the venue at the famous Pumpkin Patch farm and market, you’ll recognize right away that life on the farm is the best way to spend your Fourth of July morning. Replete with a petting zoo, produce market, gift shop, espresso cart, and acres of lush farmland, the Pumpkin Patch is the perfect venue to calm your pre-race nerves and allow you to appreciate the natural beauty all around you.

Race Temps: Did you know that the average high temp for July 4th in Portland is 76 degrees with a low of 56? That’s good news for you! Race day temps usually hover in the low 60’s and rise into the 70’s by 12 pm (can rise into the upper 70’s by late morning).

The courses: Just about the flattest and fastest half and full marathon on the West Coast. But in addition to the fast times expected from completing this event, the splendor of Sauvie Island awaits all runners and walkers that visit. Thousands of songbirds, majestic bald eagles, scenic waterways, and picturesque working farmland are just a few of the sights that await you. Both the half and full are certified road courses. The 10K and 5K are professionally measured and also very flat road courses.

Strawberry Stations on course: New for 2018! Strawberry-themed aid station for each race! All races will have one special “strawberry station” that will feature fresh strawberries, strawberry sweets, and strawberry lemonade! Super strawberry boost coming up ahead!

The Medal (bling!): Every year our medals get rave review from our participants. This year is no exception with a design that is nod to the beautify you see when you arrive onto the island. The sun slides and “rises” over the iconic bridge and fields just as you’ll witness when you arrive on race morning! Two race medals sizes: 4″ medals for the half/full finishers (with separate specific finisher ribbons for each race) and a 3″ medal for the 5K/10K too! Kids race also get medals!

After you finish, all participants are treated to refreshing and scrumptious island-fresh strawberry shortcake, hot dogs, veggie dogs, and other snacks and fruit!  Our gracious hosts, The Pumpkin Patch, also have a petting zoo for the kiddos, tractor rides, espresso stand, gift shop, and an awesome farmers market so you can shop for items to take home that afternoon. For more information on Sauvie Island, check out their informative website. In addition to the many physical benefits of running & walking, we feel that one should always pursue the benefits of academic and research-based stimulation! Click here to expand your geographical horizons!


busTICKETS are available in store for cash or check or online within the registration or separately. Click here for a map of the shuttle start location. Shuttle takes you from NW Portland in front of the Silver Cloud Inn (2426 NW Vaughn St.) all the way to Sauvie Island & back! We highly recommend taking shuttle from NW Portland given that it helps eliminate traffic and is super convenient and saves you the hassle and the gas money!  Last year over 1000 participants high-tailed it to the start and got there on time and let the bus drivers do all the work! It’s well worth it! However, this is not a mandatory shuttle and is meant to alleviate congestion at the start (which it has succeeded in exceptionally well!). Buses leave as they are filled starting at 5am and return as they are filled starting at 9am or whenever the first bus fills for a return trip.    Click here for the bus schedule and more information!  Yes, spectators can ride the shuttle! See spectator information below for bike information and other details as well.


Can spectators ride the shuttle?
Yes, spectators can ride the shuttle if they purchase a ticket! Simply go to the main registration page and select the shuttle ticket only!
I forgot to buy a ticket when I was registering, so can I buy a shuttle ticket now?
Yes, you can buy a shuttle ticket by itself if you forgot to purchase one earlier. Simply go to the main registration page and select the shuttle ticket only!
Do I have to tell you what shuttle departure I signed up for?
You can ride either shuttle in the morning. All the buses show up at the first departure time and leave when filled. We have two times listed for departure so you know when the first one will leave and the last ones will leave!
What do I show as my ticket?
Your race BIB number will have a note if you purchaed the shuttle ticket. Just show your bib number. If you forget that (not a good idea if you’re planning on racing!), we’ll also have your name on a list.
Is there a deadline for purchasing a shuttle ticket?
YES, the deadline will likely be right around June 20th so we can have enough time to plan and coordinate the appropriate number of shuttles.


*schedule is subject to change 1 month out from the race with advanced notice based on potential unforeseen circumstances. Please check back before the race and check your pre-race emails to confirm all schedules and details. See you on the island!

5:30AM: Race day packet pick up begins

6:30AM: FULL marathon starts

6:50AM: 5K/10K Starts

7:00AM: Half Starts

9:00AM: Kids race begins


  1. Saturday, June 29th at Foot Traffic (location TBA) from 10-6 pm
  2. Sunday, June 30th at Foot Traffic (location TBA) from 11-5 pm
  3. Tuesday, July 2nd at Foot Traffic (location TBA) from 12-7 pm
  4. Wednesday, July 3rd at Foot Traffic(location TBA) from 10-3 pm

*Packets will be available race morning, but you are STRONGLY encouraged to pick it up the day before. There can be long lines and it can take a bit of time parking and getting ready for the race.

Post-event Festivities

CowTrainRelax after the race with some scrumptious island-fresh strawberry shortcake, icing pools, berry picking and shopping at the Pumpkin Patch, and some All-American grub with some hot dogs (and veggie dogs) compliments of the Pumpkin Patch Patio Cafe’.

Awards and Goodies for All

medalMedals to all half and full marathon as well as the 10K and 5K finishers. Awards to age group winners and LOTS of door prizes for ALL finishers after the race. Awards will be handed out throughout the morning as people finish, so listen for announcements and your bib number! There will be no official awards ceremony due to the varied finish times, but we do have winners “cups” to be handed out to anyone that wins their age group!

Fantastic Fundraiser

firefighter sealWe have raised over $525,000 for both the fire department, the Sauvie Island community, and many other local charities, schools, and non-profits! The residents of Sauvie Island are truly appreciative of your support and can’t wait to host you on their pastoral paradise once again! Thank you!


binocsA common question leading up to the event is whether spectators and family can drive the course or come to the island after the race has started. Our best answers for these questions are as follows:

• Spectators are NOT allowed to drive around the island while the race is going on. The roads aren’t completely closed, but traffic is only reserved for island residents.

• Spectators CAN get onto the island after the race has started, but since the one bridge onto the island is just under 2 miles from the start line, you may have to wait awhile once the race gets going. We STRONGLY ADVISE all participants and spectators to make the trip out together to save gas, save space, and ease congestion! If you absolutely cannot do this, then you should probably arrive after 8am to assure easier access to the island.

• Spectators CAN park and ride a BIKE around the island to different spots! This is likely the BEST opportunity for spectating. There are plenty of gravel pull-outs for bikers given the country setting of the race. A good place to rent is the 21st Ave bikes in NW Portland at  Spectators can bring bikes onto the shuttle buses and pull into the aisles as space allows, but please budget accordingly given that some of the buses could be full with other bikes.

• YES, one lane around the island is ostensibly closed by all practical means. With over 2,000 runners and walkers looping around the island on a two lane road in a clockwise fashion, traffic is limited to local access only. For emergencies, traffic is allowed to access runners. The best idea for getting to the other side and watching your family or friends is to bike! It’s cleaner and safer!


13Flat and Fast! The race starts at the famous Pumpkin Patch on the South end of the island and heads out for one loop around the island on a two lane country road. There will be Nuun electrolyte drink supplied on the course in addition to water and we’ve added yet another aid station to make sure participants get even more support on the course. This course is flat as a pancake with one small 100 meter hill around mile 4 during the out and back on Charlton Rd. Very scenic and entirely on a two lane, asphalt country road.


6 hour limit: Course closes at 12:30pm and those still on course will have to obey all traffic laws. Our unique, flat, and scenic marathon 26course takes runners and walkers around around the same course as the halfers, but we’ve added an out-&-back down scenic Sauvie Island Rd. along the Multnomah Channel before rejoining original course to finish the marathon. The out-&-back section features a few gently rolling hills & a fantastic view of the water! There are some SMALL gentle “hills” around the 15-19 mile marks and a tiny 50 meter hill on the short out and back section at approx. mile 17.5. This is your biggest hill of the course! 🙂  Otherwise, it’s flat as a pancake.


The 10K and 5K course will return to the roads in 2018 for very flat and fast courses. Both events are walker friendly and will send 5Kparticipants counterclockwise out Gillihan Rd. from the starting area before turning back and heading back to the farm for a fast out-and-back course. Both races will have beautiful medals for all finishers and offer the same wonderful festivities at the end of the race at the world famous Pumpkin Patch farm.


CLICK HERE for the Kids race course! 1 kilometer starting and finishing at the same location as the adult races. A mix of gravel, grass, and dirt, this course pretty much just circles the main Pumpkin Patch group of buildings and barns. The kids race will be have a clock at the finish but will not be chip timed or have formal results. The medals will have a spot for parents to write their child’s time on the back.


Want a fast time? Both the half marathon and full marathon will be chip-timed and certified courses as well as a Boston Qualifier. Come run your fastest time of the season, the year, or your entire life! The Foot Traffic Flat was ranked 16th in the nation in 2013 and 12th in the nation in 2010 in percentage of Boston Qualifiers for marathon finishers! That’s pretty awesome! clifThe Foot Traffic Flat is proud to feature Clif as our on-course nutrition source. Clif Shot Gels will be available at all aid stations except number 1. There will be a total of 7 aid stations for the half marathon and a total of 13 aid stations for the marathon. Each aid station will offer Nuun along with water. Nuun is a electrolyte-only drink without any carbs. We feel this is a good fit because it allows you to drink much more without compromising how many carbs you take in. It allows you to regulate carb consumption separately and get more of what your body really needs on these courses, ELECTROLYTES!



  • Take I-205 South from Airport Drive
  • Take I-84 West
  • Take I-5 North about 1 mile
  • Take I-405 exit onto the Fremont Bridge (about one mile up on I-5)
  • Take the first right off the bridge and follow signs that say HW 30/St. Helens.
  • Take HW 30 about 6 miles north, cross under the beautiful St. Johns Bridge and continue for another 5 miles
  • Take a right onto Sauvie Island. Once off the bridge go left and go under the bridge
  • Go about 2 miles and you’ll see the pumpkin patch on your left
  • It should be about a 25 minute drive from the airport. Minimal traffic and a lot of freeways and highways



  • Click HERE for a map of the venue


For RESULTS questions or concerns or corrections, CLICK HERE!




1/2 Marathon
1/2 Marathon
1/2 Marathon
1/2 Marathon
1/2 marathon
1/2 marathon


Like many races we have a no refund policy but we do allow transfers.  Transfers from race to race and between participants are free until June 1st.  After June 1st there is a $10 fee to change from person to person and to drop down in distance to cover the new bib and chip.  Transfers are allowed through packet pickups but are not allowed on race day.  If you have questions or wish to transfer email


silver-cloud-inn The Silver Cloud Inn is our official race hotel. They are one of the closest hotels to the race start and we guarantee you’ll have a great night’s sleep before the race in one of their great rooms! Remodeled rooms and right next to the shuttle location, so if you are from out of town and want to take the shuttle, this is the place to be! Plus, it’s a super convenient location near the Downtown corridor and close to restaurants and shopping and our Downtown Foot Traffic store is accessible via public transit to pick up your bib.  The hotel books up quickly, so reserve soon! VIEW SILVER CLOUD RATE SHEET HERE


PLEASE RIDE THE SHUTTLE (information at the top of the page)! Or at the very least, we encourage participants to carpool. Click Facebook icon on the right for Carpool info!

Public Transportation Options

For getting around Portland (ie. getting to packet pick up locations, hitting great restaurants, visiting your local Foot Traffic store, etc…) here is a great link to our public transportation’s trip planner! CLICK HERE for Trip Planner Unfortunately, there are no public transportation options on the morning of July 4th. All buses run on holiday hours on the Fourth, so nothing goes out to the island that early. This is one of the reason we have a fantastic shuttle system. We thought of everything (well, almost). Check the Facebook forum above to post ride requests or offerings there and get to the island with a new/old friend! Plus, check out the top of this page for information on our new shuttle option!


The Foot Traffic Flat needs your help (or the help of your visiting family or friends!). We have positions available at the finish line, aid stations on the course, and before the race at our packet pick ups. EMAIL HERE to get information!  MAIL ENTRIES TO: MAIL IN ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED by June 15th!!!!! Foot Traffic • 4020 NE Fremont St. • Portland, OR 97212