Got a closet full of old shoes?

Then we’ve got some GREAT news for you — we’re taking recycle shoes again! We are going to kick off this spring cleaning by hosting the BIG SHOE RECYCLE event at our Northeast and Cedar Mill locations on the weekend of April 10th and 11th.

GET A $10 VOUCHER! (April 10th and 11th only!)

Donate OLD shoes, get NEW shoes! We will provide a $10 voucher to be used on any pair of shoes over $90 for any shoe donation this weekend. We appreciate your commitment to environmental and community stewardship and want to see you keep those miles going with a fresh pair. We’ll have a big sale on our current models of shoes as well as last year’s versions as well. Do right by your community by donating, do right for yourself by getting some fresh sneakers, and GO BY FOOT this spring with Foot Traffic!


We accept any ATHLETIC shoes for our recycling, ideally gently worn shoes that help our beneficiary the most. Please clean main debris off shoes for easier transport. That means shoes with dirt clods, dog waste, or grass clippings should be cleaned off as thoroughly as possible! We use the MORE FOUNDATION for our shoe donations. Click on the link to learn about their program”

Call A Shoe Guru NOW!