Why Group Run?

One beautiful aspect of running and walking is its simplicity. Good socks and shoes and a good-fitting bra can take you a long way (add water bottles and a energy chews and you can go a long long way indeed!) There’s no need for a field or a court or a team of any kind. Just you and the open sidewalk.

However, running and walking, if you choose, can also connect you to your community. It can keep us close to long-time friends; bring new people into our lives; expand our professional contacts (think golf). Attending group runs can improve consistency through the power of Positive Peer Pressure, no one wants to leave their friends alone in the early morning rain!

One joy of solo running and walking is letting the mind wander, thinking through your day. This is good. It can also get you in a rut where where it’s hard to break out of your comfortable pace and make progress. Fellow group runners can help keep a steady pace or push that last mile – all while keeping you present through conversation.

Foot Traffic was born with the running community in its DNA

“Our store was founded on the principle that a small business has a far more salient purpose than simply selling great running shoes, apparel & accessories. Our commitment is to the betterment of our fellow runners and walkers and the community they live in.” We understood that fellow runners and walkers are also busy parents, dedicated workers, caring neighbors and our (lighthearted) competition in the local 5Ks. We’re athletes and youth and every make and model of human being. We’re a community of runners and walkers and you can find us in a free and weekly run/walk group near you.