Vancouver runs

Vancouver Waterfront

This list is in no particular order, but the Vancouver Waterfront seems to be the most reported favorite from runners and walkers alike. The waterfront path is great for short out-and-backs, much longer jaunts, and a beautiful view of the vast Columbia River.

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail

The Burnt Bridge Creek Trail is the best of both worlds. It’s mostly paved for smooth, road-like terrain, but enveloped in nature for a scenic, trail experience. At about 8 miles end to end, Burnt Bridge Creek Trail is great for a multitude of distance needs.

Lacamas Lake

Lacamas Lake is a glorious change in scenery somehow still located just in our backyard. The surrounding park has miles of trails, and it may be a challenge to choose just one, but we think they’re all worth exploring. A couple specific crowd favorites will even be highlighted later on in this list!

Salmon Creek Trail

Salmon Creek Trail is the perfect place for a short, scenic trek right here in Vancouver. Lined with trees and about 3 miles long, this paved trail can be enjoyed running, walking, or rolling solo or with the whole family. If you’re lucky, you may even see some cool creatures, like beavers, rabbits, and a variety of birds.

FT’s Favorite Road 3-Mile

Want to stop in and say hi to us before or after your run? We’ve thrown in a favorite road loop of ours that begins and ends right at Foot Traffic Vancouver, circling through the surrounding neighborhood. This loop is relatively nice and flat, and quite easy to avoid cars. Best of all, you can come say hi to us!

Heritage Trail

We previously mentioned Lacamas Lake and its plethora of trails. If you want to explore the area but aren’t quite sure where to start, a local favorite is Heritage Trail. This wide, out-and-back trail stretches 7 miles, ensconced in trees, greenery, and wildflowers once spring hits.

Round Lake

Since we shared a favorite out-and-back trail around Lacamas Lake, here’s one for those who prefer a loop. Round Lake Trail is pretty short on its own, but makes it very easy to connect to other trails in the area for a longer trek, like the aforementioned Heritage Trail. It isn’t quite as flat, and offers very unique scenery, with striking foliage, a view of the Round Lake Dam, and multiple footbridges.

Whipple Creek

The Whipple Creek Loop is nearly 6 miles, with shorter options also possible. This trail is unpaved, although much of it is graveled for fairly stable footing. In addition to the classic green, forested scenery we’re so spoiled with in the PNW, you’ll also pass the remains of an old stone mill and other relics that take you on a trip through history.

Vancouver Lake

Vancouver Lake is another location with multiple options for running and walking. Surrounding the lake, there are a few miles of paved paths, and for those who really want a change of terrain, it’s not uncommon to see folks jogging or strolling along the sand. Vancouver Lake is also the perfect place for a celebratory picnic after going all the miles!

Cape Horn*

While not technically in Clark County, Cape Horn is so much fun that we just had to share it. A getaway without going very far, Cape Horn is one of the closest gems the Columbia River Gorge has to offer. The loop is approximately 7.5 miles long, and offers some texture in terrain, as well as stellar, forested views. This loop does tend to be more crowded, especially on sunny weekend days, so be sure to respect the space of your fellow adventurers!


Coffee Runs!

Coffee shops make great spots to start and end runs and walks. They’re good landmarks to meet up with friends, and an opportunity for a post-workout treat. Some nearby favorites include River Maiden and the multiple locations of Black Rock Coffee Bar. *HINT:* There’s a Black Rock just across the parking lot from Foot Traffic!

Cougar Trails

Hantwick Road Trailhead

Beaver Marsh

*Note: Some of these trails are located in regional parks, and may require payment for parking.*

Have a favorite route or place you didn’t see here? Please let us know! Maybe we’ll see you out there.