When Foot Traffic opened over 13 years ago, we set out to be more than Oregon’s premiere running & walking shoe stores. Our store was founded on the principle that a small business has a far more salient purpose than simply selling great running shoes, apparel & accessories. Our commitment is to the betterment of our fellow runners and walkers and the community they live in.


Join us this Fall! Registration now open!


For over 15 years, Foot Traffic has been hosting and sponsoring youth and adult track and cross country races in the Portland Metro area. Our goal has always been to simply introduce the sport to as many students as possible with an emphasis on participation over intimidating practice schedules.

10 years ago, Foot Traffic instituted it’s first youth cross country club to better serve those young athletes that either didn’t have the means to participate, or simply didn’t know about the sport. Our experienced coaches provide a variety of group workouts and structured practice schedules based on the participants skill level. So whether you young athlete is a returning runner or a first-time jogger, they are sure to exit the program feeling excited and enthusiastic about the sport!


The Foot Traffic Youth XC club practices two afternoons a week. There is one optional low-key XC meet per week on Thursdays at Overlook Park. Your club registration fees covers all meet entry fees as well. If your young athlete is not interested in the meets or your schedule prevents you from attending them, it’s not a problem! But we REALLY encourage you to get them out there for at least a couple races to experience how rewarding they are for all abilities of athletes.  Remember, these meets are for BEGINNERS and the focus is on completion of the race to the best of THEIR ability. No pressure! Please have your athletes bring a water bottle. Parental attendance is not necessary, but if you want to stay with your child and help out, just let our coaches know!


  • All practices at Grant Park. Look for the Foot Traffic tent!
  • Practices start on SEPT. 5th and run through Oct. 15th.
  • All practices are Mondays & Wednesdays (first day is a Wednesday).
  • Practices are from 5:00pm-6:00pm
  • All Area 3-8th grade students welcome!! Any schools and any individuals welcome!
  • Cost: Only $50! (includes team shirt!)
  • For more info., call 503.284.0345


Available to all athletes grade 3-8!


  • April 2nd – May 7th : Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:45pm-6:45pm
  • All practices meet at Grant High School Track.
  • Turn waiver into any local Foot Traffic location to complete your registration or bring to the first day of practice!
  • Cost: $45 (cost covers t-shirt, coaching, and all meet entry fees!)

The Foot Traffic Youth Track Program is brought to you by Foot Traffic and Portland Parks and Recreation. It is open to all Portland-area students, grade 3-8. The focus is on introductory track skills for all athletes, with workouts tailored to the athletic ability of the different age groups. A BIG emphasis on FUN and EDUCATION!

Our program is designed primarily as an introduction to the sport rather than intense, daily workouts. Coaches are directed to provide guidance on workout principles in a relaxed and fun environment!


The track meets are not mandatory, but if your child is interested
in participating in this fun, laid-back events, click here for more details!