Fueled By Fine Wine 2022

Sunday, July 17th, 2022


2022 Limited to just 1000 spots! NEW limited entry 5K!

We can’t wait for the Fueled By Fine Wine 2022! Limited to only 1000 participants, so don’t wait when registration opens (this WILL fill).  Free gift to the first 100 registrations. If you’ve participated before, you know what awaits, with world-class wine tasting and a exclusive race course across stunning private vineyards. For those of you that haven’t joined us before, this is your chance to jump in on the fun and experience this unparalleled tasting and racing experience.




From the wine to the course, the FBFW is unparalleled in the racing world.

  • Challenging race across world-class private vineyards!
  • Wine tasting with a park full of wine tasting booths.
  • World-class wineries
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful large medals.
  • Custom bib with your name on it.
  • Chip-timing for our in-person racers.
  • Virtual results for our virtual racers.
  • Super cute race shirts


  • Exclusive winery race course.
  • World-class winery tasting.
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medals.
  • Chip timing
  • Custom race bib

$35 Wine Tasting Pass

  • Tasting entry to post race festival
  • Includes full selection of world-class wineries.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • For 21 and over only.
  • Must pre-register to guarantee glass


  • Exclusive winery race course.
  • World-class winery tasting.
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medals.
  • Chip timing
  • Custom race bib


  • Good on registrations with 8 or more! Any distance or virtual count!
  • EMAIL US to request a code.
  • World-class winery tasting!
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medals.
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Custom race bib and chip timing


  • LIMITED NEW 5K course! Only 100 spots available.
  • World-class winery tasting.
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medals.
  • Chip timing
  • Custom race bib


  • Choose from the 5K/Quarter/Half
  • World-class winery punch card.
  • Commemorative wine glass.
  • Beautiful, large race medals.
  • Super cute race shirt.
  • Custom race bib and chip timing
  • Virtual race results.


Ranked as one of the top half marathons in the country, the Fueled By Fine Wine is a race like no other. Sure, there are wine-focused races. Sure, there are beautiful courses. But nowhere will you find the combination of world-class wine tasting and a one-of-a-kind course snaking across gorgeous vineyards and vistas.

Rooted in the Dundee Hills, the FBFW actually traverses the wineries and hills that make up the heart of our tasting tent. You will be CHALLENGED by the hills and tough terrain but REWARDED by the wine! The course features a mix of dirt, grass, gravel roads, and hilly country roads as you weave your way across some of the most acclaimed vineyards in the Northwest. If you like flat road courses, this race is not for you. If you love challenging yourself, amazing wine, and creating a memory that will last forever with your friends, this is for you!

Wine tasting: Yes, this is the whole reason we’re out here! A star-studded lineup of DHWA wineries will be serving you wine under individual tasting tents throughout the park. Take your commemorative wine glass and choose the wineries you have always wanted to test. Have a friend or loved one that doesn’t run? Not a problem! You can acutally buy a separate tasting ticket for $40 (valued at over 3 times that amount) and they’ll get a commemorative glass and all the wine tasting too! NOTE: Due to the dynamics of planning in a post-COVID world, confirming certain details like participating wineries is not always possible until shortly before the race. While we have a star-studded list already confirmed, many others are still working diligently to find staffing and scheduling in an evolving industry. If you would like to find out if a specific winery will be present, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can let you know if they are on the list! Thanks for your patience!

THE SWAG: Cute shirts, commemorative wine glass, huge beautiful medals, commemorative bibs and chip timing, and amazing wineries to taste from post race! What else would you expect from this summer Dundee Hills tradition.

THE COURSE: Racing across nearly a dozen PRIVATE vineyards is an experience like no other. It is a VERY challenging race with LOTS of up and down and lots of gravel, dirt and grass in addition to country roads. But the views and ability to be UP CLOSE to such amazing vineyards before tasting the wine that comes from those grapes is an experience like no other. Bring your trail shoes, be prepared for hills, and bring your camera!

VIRTUAL: Can’t make that date? Not a problem! Do the race on your own from July 18th to July 24th and you’ll get the medal, the shirt, the commemorative bib, and a punch card with free wine tasting to use over the next year! It’s an amazing deal and allows you to visit Oregon wine country during the time that fits your schedule best!

The Dundee Hills


Welcome to Oregon’s Dundee Hills: Rooted in approachable elegance.

Known as the epicenter of Oregon Pinot Noir, our winemakers capture the nuance of the region, offering award-winning wines year after year. Visit our luxurious bed and breakfasts, venture into the vineyards for a firsthand look at our grapes, hear the stories of our winemaking pioneers, and linger over a slow dinner. The Dundee Hills will capture your heart; from sip to stay, this is an experience you’ll never forget.




There will be multiple bib pick up days the week prior to the race. Locations and times are listed below!

SHIPPING FOR VIRTUAL PACKETS: We strongly suggest you pick up your virtual packet to ensure that your wine glass does not break in transit. However, for those of you that are out of the area, we can ship your items if you request it with our shipping button below (fees will apply). THERE IS NO SHIPPING FOR IN-PERSON RACES (the items will not arrive in time to enable that).

TIMES/LOCATIONS: (subject to change. check back before the race)



7:00am: Wave 1 (9 minute pace & under)
7:05am: Wave 2 (9-11 minute pace)
7:10am: Wave 3 (11 minute pace and over)

IMPORTANT CUTOFF AND TIME LIMIT INFORMATION: There is a 4 hour cut off for this event. Wine tasting ENDS at 11:30am and the course reopens to regular traffic rules at 11am. Please plan accordingly. If you feel that you cannot make the 4 hour cut-off for this race, please request to transfer down to the quarter marathon at bib pick up. This is a CHALLENGING course and it is not meant for the beginner half marathoner or a slower walker unfortunately.


Foot Traffic University is Portland’s original & most-trusted training program focusing on the 10K or Half Marathon distances. GREAT for those new to the sport or those that are interested in continuing their training with hundreds of others of all paces and experience levels. Pace mentors for runners AND walkers with groups ranging from 8 min. miles to over 20 min. miles! Meets every Saturday at 8am at a variety of Portland-Metro locations.

  • Where: Meets at various locations and various parks throughout the Portland Metro area including Lake Oswego, Downtown Portland, Northeast Portland, Vancouver, and more!
  • When: Most Saturdays at 8am. Locations and schedule will be emailed to registered participants.  Session One’s first meeting is on January 28th at the NE Foot Traffic (click here for directions) at 8am. Please be prepared for a very LIGHT jog or walk that morning


The BEST and LARGEST all-women’s training program in Portland for ALL abilities of runners and walkers! Whether you are a woman just trying to start to get active again or you are looking to improve upon your existing fitness, the Foot Traffic Women’s Academy is for YOU!

Women of all abilities and ages will be represented in the program and joined by “pace supporters” and coaches for all paces. The emphasis is on lifestyle and holistic health rather than performance and speed.  The program partners with hospitals, local businesses, fitness professionals, nutritionists and physical therapists to help members navigate the world of fitness. In addition, the program is designed to also help cancer survivors that may need to bond with other survivors while training for an event or just to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With an overall “wellness” focus, this program goes beyond simply training for a particular event and is a great opportunity to meet with like-minded women to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The weekly weekend meetings include tips and discussions from nutritionists, trainers, physical therapists, doctors and representatives in the footwear, apparel, and accessory industry.

The Academy serves all levels and abilities starting at age 17 and up to seniors and will have motivating supporters of all ages and experience backgrounds including members of local track and cross country programs.

Membership includes a free super-cute women’s specific shirt, professional coaching both for runners and walkers, tons of free gear and exclusive discounts on related gear, organized weekly meetings, as well as weekly schedules delivered via email for each pace group’s specific workout to do on your own. What really separates this program from any other is the unparalleled camaraderie of an all-women’s environment discussing topics and issues of the utmost importance to women of all ages.

We can’t wait to see you there, so register now and bring a friend!



There will be at least 6 water stations on the half marathon race course and at least two for the quarter marathon. Each station will have:

  • Water
  • Electrolytes (Nuun)
  • Gels  (Likely Clif gels or Gu)

Locations of the water stations will be announced soon after the final course is revealed. Our course and locations are subject to the generosity and the grace of all the vineyard owners that allow us to traverse their property. We appreciate your patience and willingness to adapt as we develop fun new course options!


Parking will be at the lot immediately adjacent to the park on 5th Street in a large field. See image. We require that all households/spectators/participants come in one vehicle as allowed. Thank you for understanding and making arrival smooth!


(Click for link. Note that course is subject to slight changes before race day based on permissions and the number of private vineyards involved)


  • I already registered for 2021. Do I need to do anything else? If you pre-registered after last year’s virtual race, you are all set! Nothing else to do!
  • I registered for 2020, but it was postponed. Am I already registered? No, all 2020 participants received a virtual race last year with an awesome winery punch card  and all the great swag, PLUS you got a 50% off voucher for this year’s race. Simply register for this year’s race with that voucher and you’ll be set! If you did NOT get that voucher.
  • Is there a bag check? This is TBA closer to race date based on social distancing and COVID safety requirements. Stay tuned.
  • Are masks required? If you are vaccinated, masks are not required given we are outside as well. But if you are not vaccinated or you are concerned about any close proximity at the start line, we suggest you bring a mask just in case for extra protection.
  • Where do I park? There is a lot nearby that we will direct you to. In addition, there is a ton of street parking that you can take advantage of. Please plan to carpool and give yourself at least 30 minutes before the race to get parked and get ready for the race.
  • How do the staggered starts work? We have a small entry field already, but we will also stagger our starts based on pace groups by just a few minutes just to ease any congestion at the very beginning. The exact schedule will be announced as soon as we are closer to the race week but the overall start time frame will be over the course of about 20 minutes so everyone will be on the course around the same time, but just spread out a bit more.
  • Are spectator allowed? Yes, we strongly believe that the support of our friends and family are important for our mental and physical well being. But we absolutely only want one vehicle per household or group, if possible. Parking is limited. In addition, we ask that spectators provide plenty of space in the starting area for adequate spacing.
  • Can I purchase extra tasting tickets? YES! This is highly suggested for your friends and/or family that will join you. The tasting tickets are $35 and include a wine glass and all the tasting that the participants get!
  • Are dogs allowed? No, for insurance purposes and for congestion and safety, they are not allowed.
  • Are there water stations? Yes! We will have at least 6 water stations on the course for the half marathon. We will have water, electrolytes (nuun), and gels at each station.
  • How does the virtual race work? It’s really simple! 1.) Register for the virtual race. 2.) Race on your own anytime and anywhere between July 17th to July 24th. 3.) You will receive a text and email prompt that you can submit your finish time to and any photos if you want to add them! 4.) You will be able to pick up your swag at any bib pick up location OR you can choose to have it shipped to you using our shipping link.
  • How are we doing the packet distribution? We are offering a bib pick up over the course of multiple days before the race (dates to be announced soon).
  • Can I have my virtual items shipped? YES, you can! You must request and pay for this through our shipping link below. (International shipping is subject to additional costs to be determined at time of shipping.)
  • Can I have my items shipped if I’m doing the in person race? Unfortunately, no. Items won’t be available early enough to get them to you on time.
  • I didn’t get my swag from last year. Do you still have it? Yes, we have some shirts, medals, and glasses left. Eventually we will donate them, but for now, we do have a few more left. Email or call a store and we will arrange pick up.

Taking COVID Precautions

The COVID-19 pandemic is a continually evolving situation that we will continue to adapt and adjust to as it progresses. At this time, we are building our event plan to mirror to current rules and regulations put in place by local authorities out of an abundance of caution. Fortunately, our venue is 100% outside (the best place to be) and our venue is large and spacious that allows for easy distancing. Please read below about some of our COVID-19 safeguards for the race:

MASKS: Our mask policy is based on state and federal guidelines as well as a bit of common sense and personal accountability. Masks will be required when at the start/finish venues IF you are not vaccinated and cannot maintain 6 feet of distance between others. If you are immune compromised or concerned about exposure even if you are vaccinated, we suggest you wear a mask as an extra precaution. Again, we are basing our policy on continuing evolving information from both local and federal authorities regarding when masks are beneficial. Outside use is mainly required when you can’t maintain 6 feet of distance from each other or are not vaccinated. When you are on the course, we realize that you will have more spacing around you that will allow masks to be stashed unless you are in a risky situation. At the end of the day, we ask that you use patience, understanding, respect, and a lot of common sense when using your mask. Keep it on at the venue, if you are near folks on the course, keep it up. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy the fresh air!

WATER STATION SPACING: Our water stations will have tables spread farther apart to limit clustering and congestion at tables. We will also have hand washing stations at each restroom on course as well as at the venue.

WINE TASTING: Our wine tasting post-race will look a little different this year without the single communal tent for all wineries to set up under. Instead, we will have individual winery tents spaced out to allow you to walk up to and choose to sample throughout the morning.

START SPACING: As we have mentioned before, our race starts will all be staggered to allow for less congestion at the start line. Waves of around 50-100 people at a time will leave together, which will allow for a nice and spread out race field and starting and finish experience. We ask that participants don’t arrive at the starting area until about 10 minutes before your start time. The venue is quite large, so feel free to spread out and find an area to stretch and await your race start!

WATER USAGE: For safety, we will definitely have water served on course and at the venue. However, we kindly request that you carry and bring your own water to the venue and on the course to make water stop usage less congested and to remain safe. If you are concerned about spacing or sanitation, we also highly recommend you bring water just to be abundantly careful.

Spectator Information

A common question leading up to the event is whether spectators and family can come and celebrate your finish. This is particularly important during a pandemic. Our best answers for these questions are as follows:

  • We know that friends and family are incredibly important to your success and mental well-being and will want to be there with you for your start and finish. We will not restrict others from joining you given that carpooling and support can be crucial to your racing success, but we ask the following:
    • They remain far away from the start/finish corrals.
    • They do not DRIVE around the course (See below for options).
    • They adhere to the same mask/distancing requirements that athletes do
    • They arrive on the island WITH you in the same vehicle and don’t drive separately
    • You do NOT bring animals to the venue.
  • As is customary, spectators are NOT allowed to drive around the course while the race is going on. The roads aren’t completely closed, but traffic is only reserved for residents and farmers. This helps prevent excess traffic in the area. If they absolutely want to be on course, BIKING IS THE BEST SUGGESTION!
  • Spectators CAN arrive to the venue after the race has started, but since there is limited roads to the venue, they may be delayed if the race crosses any of the streets. We STRONGLY ADVISE all participants and spectators to make the trip out TOGETHER to save gas, save space, and ease congestion!


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