Check back here each week for our weekly emails, which will include our locations and meeting times. You should receive a weekly email, but if you find that they are landing in your spam folders or getting blocked, this is a surefire way to make sure you are up to speed!

You can also always check our FB page HERE each week.

WEEK ONE: https://app.robly.com/archive?id=1f9e18f3b2ebbeedd8a62e834ae7622d&v=true 

WEEK TWO: https://app.robly.com/archive?id=8134b3115cb5f0dd540fb6209dff74bf&v=true

WEEK TWO CANCELLATION NOTICE: https://app.robly.com/archive?id=c1a2b8a7e9e1347a3f51cb6977a634dc&v=true

WEEK THREE FERNHILL TRACK II: https://app.robly.com/archive?id=065284da4aab81b64f37e5fc4baeac8f&v=true

WEEK FOUR: https://app.robly.com/archive?id=b7a2bae91250ca16ecc2134987c6fe81&v=true

WEEK FIVE: https://www.robly.com/archive?id=a91f7e7fa8201d674f4e4e6a3c7e1b51&v=true

WEEK SIX: https://app.robly.com/archive?id=85f5742625953fe6b045976c44f66882&v=true

WEEK SEVEN: https://app.robly.com/archive?id=a8cc833b977aaf4d82116091fe574e74&v=true

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