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Sunday December 13, '15 8:00 am
Adidas North America Headquarters (North Greeley Ave)
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1/2 Marathon









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(in-store & mail-in registration ends Dec. 1st ONLY IF the race hasn't filled)

Half Marathon

$69 Half marathon (July 15th to Aug. 31st)

$73 GROUP REGISTRATION* (after Sept. 1st, minimum 15 registrants, see below)

$77 Half marathon (Sept. 1st to Oct. 15th)

$79 Half marathon (Oct. 16th-Nov. 9th)

$79 Includes gender-specific cotton event shirt (Nov. 10th until race fills)

NAME ON COMMEMORATIVE BIB option closes Nov. 1st!

Packet pick up and race day prices

$90 Shirt not guaranteed (race will likely fill before this point, however)



$35 5K (July 15th to August 31st)

$34 GROUP REGISTRATION* (after Sept. 1st, minimum 15 registrants, see below)

$38 5K (Sept 1st-Oct. 15st)

$39 5K (Oct. 16th-Nov. 9th)

$39 Includes gender-specific cotton event shirt. (Nov. 10th until race fills)

NAME ON BIB COMMEMORATIVE option closes Nov. 1st!

Packet pick up and race day prices

$45 shirt not guaranteed (race will likely fill before this point, however)


*Group registration instructions: Signing up as a team is easy! There are three different ways to do this:

1.) Simply gather the information for 15 or more of your friends or coworkers and register all at once on our online registration system! Just choose the "Group Registration" option to get the discount.

2.) Register in store with each registrant's check/cash. Bring into any Foot Traffic store and submit all at once to receive the discounted price!

3.) Email and get a special discount code you can submit for each member to enter online for the discount. If you do not reach your minimum requirement by Oct. 15th, all participants will need to pay the remaining discounted amount to receive their bib numbers. More questions? Email



Get in the holiday spirit, Portland! Portland finally has a half marathon in December! The fantastic out and back course starts and finishes at the Adidas North America Campus and winds along beautiful Willamette Blvd.


The flat and scenic route is the only race course fully completed in beautiful North Portland, so you can be sure you're getting a unique event, full of fantastic features and sights. The historic St. John's Bridge, the beautiful Univeristy of Portland campus, and panoramic views of Downtown Portland from the bluff of Willamette Blvd. are just a few of the highlights awaiting you!


Finish the race and treat yourself to a craft beer seasonal brew, hearty holiday soup, hot chocolate, hot oatmeal, egg nog, and more!


If you're not excited about Christmas, Hanukkah, and every other Holiday festivity after this race, then you just might be the Grinch! READ BELOW for more EVENT, COURSE, and WEATHER INFORMATION.




Click here for a fun 2013 race REVIEW!



All finishers of the Half marathon only will receive a LARGE and ornate festive finishers

medal! Our medals are guaranteed to make you smile!



All registrants that sign up before Nov. 10th will get one of our popular long-sleeve tech shirts! These shirts (pictured to the right) are avaiable to those that register before the shirt deadline and come in men's and women's sizing.


Both the long sleeve tech shirt and other commemorative gear will be available for individual sale at the event and the packet pick up days for those that would like to purchase one in addition or for those that missed the cut off date.



(THREE to choose from!):

It is HIGHLY recommended that you pick up your packet on one of these three days to ease congestion race morning. The packets will be available on Sunday morning for a brief amount of time before the race begins.


Thurs. Dec. 11th, Downtown Foot Traffic 12-6pm

Fri. Dec. 12th, Northeast Foot Traffic 12-7pm

Sat. Dec. 13th, Sellwood Foot Traffic 10am-4pm


7:00am: Packet pick up begins.

8:00am: Half Marathon starts

8:15am: 5K starts

9:30am-12pm: Awards, festivities, music!


SHUTTLE TICKETS (aka: big yellow sleigh-ride)!





PURCHASE A SHUTTLE TICKET by clicking on the main registration link. There is a shuttle ticket only option there. Ride the shuttle for convenient parking nearby and get dropped off right at the start. Huge lots only 5 minutes away from the start on Swan Island and a giant yellow sleigh (OK, bus) to drive you up to the start line AND take you back to your car when you're done. Fast and cheap! It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it!  Call our NE store at 503.284.0345 for questions and how to order a bus ticket (if you forgot to order one when you registered online).  NOTE: NEW! Shuttle tickets will be available to all paces until 1pm! We will provide shuttle services back to Daimler even after the large school buses have left, so please see an event staff to request your own shuttle back to your car if you do not see a bus! See link above for more details. The address of Daimler parking lots is 4747 N Channel Ave, Portland, OR




There is no parking at adidas & neighborhood parking is limited. Take the shuttle and the 5 min. ride up the hill and shave off tons of annoying loops looking for parking!


Note: This is not a mandatory shuttle, but you are strongly encouraged to use it. As event organizers, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to offer such large parking areas given that MANY races/events cannot or simply do not provide this kind of parking opportunity. For example ehen you go to your next Blazer game or your next concert, you will not find ANY shuttle, let alone decent parking for under $10. We have made significant efforts to secure parking for you in a convenient, close-by location and we hope you enjoy the service!


AGAIN, the shuttle is NOT MANDATORY, but it's a simple way to avoid congestion, make sure you get to the start on time, AND help keep this event in the great N. Portland Neighborhoods by keeping their resident's happy!



If you are not from Portland, you might be asking yourself, "What should I expect for weather in December?"  Interestingly enough, we ask ourselves the SAME QUESTION! We HOPE for mild temperatures in the 40's with no rain, but our weather systems are about as mysterious as Santa's Sleigh schedule! We could have snow or ice and below freezing temps (not common, but it does happen), or rain and rain and more rain (more likely). The first year of the event we had rain for weeks before the event and then it miraculously stopped and the temperature shot up to the high 40's or low 50's! Of course, there can be wind depending on the weather system moving in.


As a result, we have drafted an INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: There will absolutely be no direct refunds, even in the account of a race postponement (or ultimate cancellation). This race will occur in nearly all weather situations. However, if the event is unable to occur due to inclement weather (snow or ice that prevents the police from monitoring the course), the event will first be postponed to the closest possible weekend within three weeks of the original event. If you are unable to attend this alternate date (we certainly hope you will!), we are happy to provide a voucher for $30 for half marathon participants and $15 for 5K participants for a future Holiday Half & 5K event (up to two years after the event). Again, there will absolutely be no direct refunds, even in the account of a postponement or cancellation. There are significant "sunk" costs that are associated with an event that cannot be recouped (tshirts, medals, fundraising for beneficiary, permits, supplies, staff, etc...). Shirts and medals will still be provided to those that registered.



Out of respect for residents, businesses, Tri-met, the City of Portland, and everyone that coexists in this great city of ours, we must place restrictions on the time frame a course can be open. We're working diligently with our friends with the City of Portland to make this event possible for a variety of abilities. CONSEQUENTLY, we must mandate that participants maintain about a 15 min. mile.


HOWEVER, we will keep the finish line open long enough for participants maintaining up to a 20 min. mile to finish. The finish line and fencing must be CLEARED from the street by NOON (per police and city requirments) so we have to start taking it down by approximately 11:40am. The finish mats, medals, and finish water and volunteers will STILL be there to greet you though!


Nevertheless, for everyone's safety, participants on the course after it reopens are required by law to follow all traffic rules, including using the sidewalks, crosswalks, obeying all signs, and not crossing streets when the traffic lights are red.

What does this mean for you?

  • Here's a typical scenario: You arrive at mile 9 at 10:45am (a 16:40 pace for the first 9 miles). The course marshall will then mandate any participant beyond this pace to move to the sidewalk along Willamette Blvd (a beautiful, scenic, and safe sidewalk, by the way). The aid stations will then be moved over to the sidewalk as well, so you will have access to water along the final 4 miles of the course. You arrive at the finish line with food, beer, medal, and a finish crew waiting to record your time! Presto! You have skirted the 15 min. rule with no problems as long as you follow traffic laws!
  • To reiterate, we want to support walkers in any way possible so we are trying our best to make this a wonderful course for you! Please let us know if you have any concerns and we will do our best to assuage your concerns. 
  • We ALWAYS have beer, food, medal, finish water, shuttles, and snacks awaiting you at the finish area!
  • There may be fewer people at the finish venue than when you started (the nature of 1-2 people finishing every 10 minutes creating less of a congested "party" atmosphere than when the race started), and there may be some general pick-up of the finish area (moving tables, garbage, etc... to start cleaning up after over 3,000 people wash through the venue), but it absolutely doesn't mean we don't appreciate your being there or want to deny you of your well-deserved libations and refreshments! We will still have the heaters out for you and we will continue to offer shuttle options until 2pm if you find an event staff and let us know you are ready for your return trip!


There will be a bag check near the start line before the event. This year we will have TWO bag check areas to relieve some congestion. Bring your OWN bag and we'll tag it and save on waste or use one of ours. Your choice!



1/2 Marathon
1/2 Marathon
1/2 Marathon
1/2 Marathon








Want to help out Harper's Playground and have fun at the same time? Email our volunteer coordinator at to find out great ways to support the event and get involved. Volunteer today! All volunteers get food and drinks at the finish line, a bright-colored hat, and a fun volunteer shirt! Opportunities available on all four packet pick up days preceding the race & shifts during race day including course monitors, aid station help, and start/finish line support.
















We inspire vital communities by creating innovative playgrounds for people of all abilities.




A more inclusive world, one playground at a time.


"Our community playground was off-limits to our daughter because she uses wheels to get around. We founded Harper's Playground to change this. We assembled a team of top designers and shared our vision. We asked for and received help from many. The playground went from dream to reality. We are thrilled with the outcomes, and invite you to come enjoy it with your family. We know that you will find that a well-designed, inclusive play area is truly better...for everyone! We are proud that Harper's Playground promotes more play for more people. We embrace these three powerful and important forces for a better world; COMMUNITY - INCLUSION - PLAY!" --April & Cody Goldberg / Founders


Find out more about Harper's Playground at





Half marathon course starts and finishes at the Adidas North America Campus. It is an out and back course. There is a VERY slight hill to start, but the rest of the course is FLAT with a nice fast downhill finish. Amazing panoramic views of Portland and Forest Park await you along Willamette Blvd. and the course turns around under the historic St. Johns Bridge. You also catch glimpses of the beautiful University of Portland campus.



5K course is a simple loop through the beautiful Overlook Neighborhood and along Willamette Blvd. Starts and finishes in the same location as the half. Up hill on the way out for a portion of it and a fast down hill finish! Catch glimpses of Forest Park and the city on Greeley Ave. at the turnaround!


Aid stations will be every 2 miles (see course map above) and

each will be stocked with NUUN electrolyte and CLIF gel carbohydrate gels.







Welcome to the Silver Cloud Inn--Northwest Portland!  

The Silver Cloud Inn is our official race hotel. Click here for their rate sheet and more information. They really no how to take care of visiting runners and walkers, so reserve soon!


They are one of the closest hotels to the race start and we guarantee you'll have a great night's sleep before the race in their great rooms. Plus, they always offer an early breakfast options for our race participants!








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