Foot Traffic offers kick backs to your school and discounts for your athletes!

Each year, Foot Traffic hosts thousands of student athletes and their parents in our locations, helping them choose the right kind of gear and shoes and also giving them discounts and kick backs to their schools! Whether you’re a parent or volunteer, you can always check with your coach to see if they have a team night set up for your athletes to get a bigger discount AND a kick back to your program. Here is a summary of what we can offer to your team. 

  • 10% off for all student athletes is STANDARD, all year long!
  • During a “spike night” or “team day,” we offer coaches the following options
    • 10% off AND 10% of all purchases back to your XC team OR…
    • 15% off all purchases this night only.
  • Discount offers for the spike nights above ALSO COUNT FOR THE PARENTS AND FAMILIES! This is a great way to do your family shopping, get a sweet discount, AND raise money for your school.
  • Email for more info or to see if your team is scheduled!


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