Your Favorite Vancouver Running Shoes Store

Our youngest and most exciting store! Is it OK to pick a favorite child? Ok, maybe it’s a little frowned upon, but it’s no secret we are awfully smitten with our newest store and the awesome running and walking community in Vancouver!  From the giant bib chandelier hanging from the ceiling made entirely of YOUR race bibs and your sweat and tears, to the awesome selection of footwear and Vancouver-specific apparel, this store is your number one hub for helping you GO BY FOOT!

Foot Traffic’s community-based business model emphasizes: 1.) Access to the sport. 2.) Creating a one-stop hub for all things running and walking and fitness. 3.) Commitment is to the betterment of our fellow runners and walkers and the community they live in.


305 SE Chkalov Dr, Vancouver, WA 98683, USA
(360) 314-4598


10 AM – 7 PM Monday-Friday
10 AM – 6 PM Saturday
11 AM – 5 PM Sunday

We have five convenient locations in the Portland Metro area to serve your running, walking, and jogging needs!


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