Foot Traffic was founded in 2000 at the site of an old video store in NE Portland in the beautiful Alameda district. The neighborhood setting set the stage for our community- based business model that focuses on immersing our employees and our operations directly within the community around us. Since that time, Foot Traffic has opened 4 more locations serving the communities in Downtown Portland, Sellwood, Cedar Mill, and Vancouver.

Foot Traffic’s community-based business model emphasizes: 1.) Access to the sport. 2.) Creating a one-stop hub for all things running and walking and fitness. 3.) Commitment is to the betterment of our fellow runners and walkers and the community they live in.

Foot Traffic is co-owned by Sean Rivers and David Pietka. David Pietka was the original founder of the NE location and Sean joined in 4 years later as the operating partner. David Pietka is a committed fixture in the NE Portland community as a track coach for grade school through high school. He attended the University of Oregon and was a long jump and high jump specialist. He has three children. Sean Rivers grew up in Sandy, OR, attended the University of Alaska Anchorage, and has three daughters and operates an farm with alpacas, chickens and goats in his “free” time. 

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