We all know the process. The promise of ease and convenience. The one-click order process. Shoes on your front doorstep. Try them on. They just don’t feel right. You reconcile that they are already there, so you might as well try them. BAM, 3 miles later: HOT SPOTS. Back in the box they go and the hassle of shipping back, communicating with someone likely overseas on arranging your credit. Awaiting the credit. Buying a NEW shoe. Sigh.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can save money, save time, treat your feet and your body, and try on 4, 5, 6…heck, try on a dozen different pairs before you decide what you like. Make shoe buying simpler. Experience selection. Talk to a PERSON. And get the RIGHT fit, EVERY time.

Think Salt ‘n Straw, another awesome Portland-born-and-bred company. Why just buy a pint of ice cream when you can try 4 or 5 amazing flavors before you commit to that scrumptious scoop. You treat your tastebuds. Treat your feet. Taste the lineup at Foot Traffic.

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