That’s right! Foot Traffic is stoked to be donating a buck for every mile run or walked during Sneaker Week (details below). We are so proud to be partnering with Sneaker Week #sneakerweekpdx to raise money and awareness for youth empowerment and access to the footwear industry and the sport of running. And given our store’s background it just makes sense to be donating proceeds from this year’s challenge to IONPDX.org (Influencers of Neighborhoods) whose mission is to create positive change in communities of color by developing relationships through mentorship and providing skill building and stronger connections to the community. Find out more below on how simple it is this year!

Foot Traffic donates a DOLLAR FOR EVERY MILE! It’s that easy.

Our goal this year is simple. Get everyone moving outside and enact change while doing it. Here’s how to raise money for ION.

1.) Get outside, do at least a mile continuously between Aug. 7th and Aug. 14th (the week of Sneaker Week!).
2.) Head to Instagram or Facebook and tag @foottrafficpnw and use the hashtag #runforportland and show us how many miles you ran on your phone, gps, or other tracking device. Don’t have a tracking device? No problem. Just snap a picture of you and/or your family on the run!
3.) Foot Traffic will donate a dollar for every mile run up to $2,000 to start!

It’s that simple! Questions? Just shoot us an email at gobyfoot@foottraffic.us or give us a call. Remember, this is for runners, walkers of ALL experience levels. Love marathons? Go out an run or walk 26.2 miles and we’ll donate $26! Never run a step in your life? No problem! Just get that first mile in! Hopefully it’s the first of many! The goal is positive influence through community action. That’s what Foot Traffic was founded on and it’s what we love about Sneaker Week and ION PDX. Get out there!

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