RUNdraising for your community!

Excite your fundraising base and energize your employee wellness program!

One of our mission statements year in and year out is to continue to be your local conduit for going farther, remaining healthier, contributing to your community more, and having more fun than you’ve ever had before. In the spirit of this commitment, we have a brand new community program called RUNdraising. If you are a non-profit or are committed to a particular non-profit, we hope you take a moment to find out how this can be a super fun and simple way to get fit and raise funds!

Here are two REALLY SIMPLE ways a typical non-profit or corporate wellness program can make this work for them:

Option A:

Think of it like a jog-a-thon for adults. ???? We have a two awesome training programs called Foot Traffic University (FTU) and Foot Traffic Women’s Academy (an all women’s training program). They prepare participants for either a 5K, 10K, half, or full marathon. They are equally awesome program with lots of walkers and runners of all abilities. They are great for first timers or those struggling with consistency. See the video links to the right to see how awesome these programs really are! These are your “jog-a-thons” so to speak.

Offer a FREE entry into either one of these awesome training programs (your choice) to anyone you know or all of the past participants of your event (a $50-$95 value) in exchange for raising a certain amount of money during their training (ie. have each person gather just $300 in donations…the fundraising limit is your choice!).

For example, if you get 20 people all training together in the program and each doing a little fundraising along the way with their friends/businesses/co-workers, they could raise $6,000 over the course of a few months! Again, basically like a jog-a-thon; you’re encouraging people to get fit and train with a group and asking them to get a few small “pledges” along the way. We even have a simple way for people to collect their pledges online if people donate with a credit card!

We have had other non-profits participate in this capacity for the last few years and they raised TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, so we know it works pretty well. It’s a pretty sweet deal, if we do say so ourselves!

Option B:

Request a unique code from us for your non-profit (ie. “CCAFTU” or “DOVEWA”) and encourage folks to sign up using this code. They will receive a $5 discount when registering and when we tally how many used your code, you will receive a check from us for $25 per person! Not quite as big of an up-side, but definitely a super simple way to go!

Email for more details or other options!

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