Run It Local with Grains of Wrath and Saucony


(while supplies last)

It’s called RUN IT LOCAL and it’s more than just a catchy phrase–it’s a philosophy that Foot Traffic adheres to every day. When you are a runner or walker, you feel a connection in a profound way to your neighborhood that can only be discovered through ritualistic traipses from your front door. You know when your neighbor builds a new deck, you see when a new business pops up… and unfortunately, you see the vacant storefronts when they sometimes disappear as they have so often this last year. I know you see it and feel it because we do too. And we are going to do everything in our power to shine that light back on our neighbors whenever possible.

We purchased over $7,000 worth of gift cards to Grand Central Bakery this spring for our Easter weekend race, the Hop Hop Half and we are purchasing over 1200 ice cream sandwiches from the local ice cream gurus, Ruby Jewel, for our July 4th Foot Traffic Flat. And now, we are teaming up with Saucony to purchase $2,000 worth of gift cards to Grains of Wrath, who have locations both in Portland and Vancouver. The concept is simple, but sometimes, we need a little reintroduction to our neighborhoods to spice that relationship up again. 😉  So come on in to your nearest Foot Traffic, let our shoe gurus fit you in the right style of Saucony shoes for your foot, and walk out with a $20 gift card to an AWESOME brewery and restaurant so you can RUN IT LOCAL! BTW, the offer is good online too. Just use code RUNLOCAL online when buying a pair of Saucony shoes online and we’ll include a gift card with your box of shoes!

Grains of Wrath started as an idea and quickly grew into a reality. With two locations to serve their community (Camas, WA + Portland, OR) they  hope to bring top quality craft beer, fresh & local food, amazing service and a fun place to hang out for many years to come. Check them out!

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