1,000 Pairs of Socks to the Portland Rescue Mission!

You did it!  You helped make it possible to donate 1,000 pairs of socks to the Portland Rescue Mission on Jan. 14th, 2021, thanks to YOUR DECISIONS to shop local.
6 months ago, we pledged to donate a pair of socks for every purchase of our super comfy Foot Traffic socks. Yesterday, we made good on that promise. And we don’t want to stop there–we pledge to do this as long as you keep buying our socks!
Did you know that that socks are the most requested supply for a majority of homeless shelters? The socks we donate are warm, thick crew socks that really make a difference for those trying to get back on their feet.
We’re excited to keep this • Buy 1, We Give 1 • program running permanently to provide community members comfort every season as they transition off the streets. BUY YOURS HERE and we’ll keep the cycle going! ​​​​​​​​​​​
See you on the roads and trails soon! GO BY FOOT!
-Team FT
Take a drive through most areas of Portland, and the signs of homelessness are not hard to find. When we look for organizations to support, it’s important that there is a transitional path to success like the Portland Rescue Mission provides. Meals, socks, jackets, and beds are the daily acts of kindness that establish the important seeds of a longer relationship with a support group. Those gestures and relationships lead to further trust, commitment, and healing. It is our hope that something as simple as dry feet can continue to empower the amazing work they do each and every moment of the day.
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