Open For Business!*

We are so excited to have our doors open to all of our customers again! With help from you, we can make sure we stay open and stay safe. Together, we are strong and can face any challenge when we put our minds to it and work in the spirit of mutual respect and diligence. Here is the guide to keeping our staff and our customers safe:

*Limiting capacity
Our stores will aim to limit how many customers we will fit at our fitting bench to 2-3 customers at a time, with ample space between them. We have a waiting area inside and outside the store so as you come in, we’ll greet you and let you know if there’s a short wait or if you’ll need to take a seat and wait for the next available fitting bench.

*Separators & Sanitizers & Masks
Masks are required by all employees and customers.

Employees will sanitize all shoes and wearables that have been tried on by customers with our alcohol based spray. We will be unable to physically PLACE the shoe on your foot as is customary, but we will prepare the shoe and set it in front of you with our usual guidance and advice.

Employees WILL be able to complete a gait analysis. We’ll do this with 6 or more feet between us.

We will have plexi shields at the registers where 6 feet is a little more difficult.

We ask that you do your part by using our plentiful LOCALLY made hand-sanitizer (this stuff is the real deal!) when you come in and wear a mask if you have one. It is an alcohol based liquid spray, not a bleach.

We ask that you do your best to keep a respectable distance when talking with employees. We know the vast majority of you will have no problem with this. Let’s all make the effort!

We want you to feel confident that we are good health stewards in our community. And a great small business for our community.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, PLEASE email me and we are always happy to discuss ideas, plans, and anything else under the moon. We MISS YOU and really can’t wait to start seeing some of your friendly faces again soon!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you don’t feel comfortable coming in, we continue to offer our curbside pick up, virtual gait analysis and our growing E-commerce site! So feel free to use those as well!

Together we are strong. Run on! Walk on! And see you soon!

Sean Rivers


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