Complimentary Gait Analysis

No appointment necessary. First come first served at each store. At Foot Traffic, we provide expert fitting advice for ANY person that steps in our doors. Walker or runner, fast or slow, each and every one of you deserve a pair of great fitting shoes. Our complimentary gait analysis involves you walking or jogging on the sidewalk or treadmill (depending on how comfortable you are with either) and we record your gait with our Dartfish program that allows us to show you angles and nature of your individual foot strike.

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Virtual Gait Analysis/ZOOM Call

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If you’re local and can swing it, nothing beats an in-person gait analysis and trying on multiple pairs of shoes. But we know that’s not always possible or preferred, so we’ve expanded the services of our local team of experts to include DISTANCE FITTING & GAIT ANALYSIS as part of our services. Now you can shop our robust online selection of running and walking footwear AND get excellent service and advice that puts those crummy chat boxes from those other online retailers to shame. Online shopping doesn’t have to be a crap-shoot. Let us help and let’s get you in the right pair of shoes the first time! Schedule your complimentary remote fitting service today!

Run Signature Gait Analysis* 

Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 distancing requirements

An in-depth look at your gait from multiple angles. Highly recommended! Foot Traffic now offers this expanded and in-depth new gait analysis service at our Vancouver and Downtown stores by appointment only.

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