Dear Foot Traffic family,

We are making a difficult decision to temporarily close our stores at the end of business tomorrow, March 23rd (or earlier in the day if required to do so by the city). This decision is not without significant sacrifices and rippling effects to our staff as well as our community as a whole.  This is the hardest situation I have ever faced as a working professional and I am saddened and frustrated by the evolution of this health crisis. However, I am still very much optimistic that we will soon witness the kind of cohesive leadership we need from our city, state, and our country in order to shut down the main spread of the virus and provide a sustainable timeline for resuming operations for all businesses. There are very positive signs that we will be able to come together as a community, implement a comprehensive plan, and help each other as we build both our health and business communities.
Foot Traffic’s Plan:
1.) Close all in-store operations tomorrow (Monday, March 23rd) by 5pm (unless we are required to close earlier). We will plan on reopening April 6th for now, but I realize this may change tomorrow and may even change later on down the line after that.
2.) Be available via email at or through our Facebook pages with questions regarding anything Foot Traffic related.
3.) We will ship or deliver shoes or other gear as requested simply by emailing with your question or request. We can send you a web payment and we can even offer a virtual gait analysis! We can access your past purchases as well to help you find out what your favorite shoe is so we can can get a fresh pair for you. Our website will be open for purchases of gift cards as well as some of our other gear, including the shirt below. Our doors will be closed, but we will be able to send items as needed for now.
4.) BUY THE SHIRT BELOW!…To celebrate our strength in community, we encourage all of your to be safe, keep our distance, and RUN ON! in the face of this crisis. Our sport–at it’s core–is a solitary one. There is beauty and healing in it’s simplicity. We can distance ourselves physically while still maintaining a sense of community and health.  We hope that you join with us and support our community in the coming weeks and months by purchasing and wearing this shirt to show your solidarity. This will go a long way to helping us maintain a sense of community while we are apart, maintain some activity in one of your favorite local shops, and also raise funds for the Oregon Community Foundation and their integral work to help our state with the fallout from COVID-19. 10% of all shirt sales will be donated to OCF.
As a business owner and as a parent, I am accustomed to the role of making decisions on a daily basis and living with the consequences. I realize there isn’t always a correct answer and sometimes you simply must have faith and confidence that our actions together are enough to get us through. While the response to this crisis seems to be a moving target, we are resolute in making this decision now, not later. We hear the call from our mayor. We understand that action now is better than action later. And we know that small businesses (especially restaurants) cannot sustain partial or complete closure now and then more closure later because we don’t have a comprehensive shut down to tackle this virus. We stand with our friends in the restaurant industry, our friends in the small business community, and our community members and health care workers on the front lines of this crisis. We stand with our leaders to tackle this virus. And we stand with our business leaders that understand that we HAVE to open up again soon in order to prevent damage far greater than this virus can inflict.
We hope that you too can stand with us and stay confident that the process will get us through.
Be strong. Be positive. And RUN ON!
Yours in health and community,
Sean t. Rivers

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