Foot Traffic

Staff (world's greatest!)

David "Polka" Pietka
Foot Traffic's founder and other ownership half is rumored to have jumped over a VW Beetle during his long-jumping heyday at UofO in the 60's. We think that's pretty cool.
Sean "Padre" Rivers
Sean likes running, arm wrestling, connecting-the-dots, & practicing his handwriting, although the capital "J" gives him fits--as do any customers that don't come away 110% satisfied! Yes, he co-owns Foot Traffic!
Daniel "Gruff"McDuff
General Manager and Footwear Buyer, this Lewis & Clark standout brings vast amounts of running knowledge, computer literacy, and funky fresh rhymes to his loving co-workers at Foot Traffic.
Laura "L-train" Thomas
Manager of our super-awesome downtown store, LT was the starting running back on St. Mary's Academy's little-known football team. But one day, she ran in for a 20 yard touchdown and kept running for 3 more miles.
Morgan "Dragongrip" Saltenberger
Our NE manager extraordinaire, Morgan is one part running/walking genius and two parts trained assassin. With just one touch from his vaunted Dragon Grip, he brings giants to their knees. Coincidentally, this grip works magic for achilles issues.
Maeby 'Tompkins' Maeby
We found Maeby in the shipping container from a major shoe company. We won't tell you which one, but let's just say she wasn't the size we were looking for. She spends her free time being awesome and riding on the MAX by herself.
Andrew "Flavor" Warnecke
Our commodities buyer is very thorough when making decisions on what to bring into the store. He's been known to flavor test energy gels submerged under ice cold water, wear water belts while practicing his parallel bar routine.
Jay "Fireball" Schrotzberger
Head coach of the mighty Lions, manager of the stupendous Sellwood Foot Traffic, Jay has nearly 10 years of specialty running/walking store experience and was voted by staff as "most likely to succeed!"
Kevin "K-tweet" Fleishman
Warner Pac runner and arm wrestling champ in his height/weight class (we have reason to believe he's the only one in his category), Kevin earns gold-stars every time people rave about his customer service skills (seriously).
Meaghan "Meg-Train" McCluskey
A veritable freight-train of knowledge, Meaghan delivers running & walking advice in bulk and on time. Ask her anything about shoes or her model train set and prepare for a flood of wisdom!
Fritz "Fritz" Fitzer
With his long-flowing locks, long legs, and amazing vertical.....knee lift, Fritz is the picture of...well, running inefficiency. But he's superbly adept at providing heaps of footwear and apparel knowledge within a short amount of time!
Emily "Cutter" Rivers
A cold-blooded numbers killer, Emily is MBA, CCCU, & CPR certified. Our lead accountant is equally capable of obliterating numbers while expunging sour moods...& the occasional case of diaper rash at Foot Traffic headquarters.
Martin "StoreMom" Mclemore
Once upon a time, we went for a run through campus & found ourselves in a creative writing classroom. Martin was giving a presentation on footwear. His teacher gave him poor marks for improper annotations. We hired him anyway. He has a nice voice.
Kathleen "Safari" McGaughey
She once tamed a legion of lions, outran a genetically-modified babirusa, and resuscitated a killer whale. Kathleen shrugged her shoulders after completing 26.2 miles! Visit our events/safari specialist at your next event and ask her for advice.
Alyson "Disco" Drake
Alyson was a free agent pick up from across the border...the northern border...I mean Washington. She's pretty great and totally worth the 10 year contract she demanded!