Save MONEY and plan your ENTIRE 2017 in ONE LOCATION!

Saturday, Feb. 11th

10am-4pm Foot Traffic West (13306 NW Cornell Rd.)

Schedule for event day!
8AM: Join our group training program, Foot Traffic University, for a short group run/walk before the expo!
10AM: Event Expo opens!
4PM: Event Expo closes!

The tradition continues! Our 10TH ANNUAL event expo features 50+ regional events will be present and offering exclusive offers and/or discounts for one day only! In addition, take advantage of Foot Traffic’s biggest sale of the year! Huge closeouts on apparel and footwear from last year’s stock. This is an event you DO NOT want to miss. Starting at 10am on Saturday morning get exclusive discounts on events including:

- Foot Traffic EVENTS including the Hop Hop half & 5k and the Flat half, full, 5k, 8k.
- Foot Traffic University Group Training
- Foot Traffic Women's Academy Group Training
- AA Sports including the Heartbreaker Half, 10k, & 5k packet pickup
- Albertina Kerr: Race For the Roses 5k, 10k, & Half marathon
- Vancouver USA Marathon and Half Marathon. 
- Hamilton Events including the Shamrock Run and the Starlight Run
- Gorgeous series including the Bend Half & Full marathon, Gorgeous Relay, and many more.
- Go Beyond Racing including the Go Race Series and Smith Rock Road Half & 10k.
- Lady Bug Run for CDH Awareness
- Ragnar Relays: NW Passage 
- Cascade Lakes Relays including the Bend Beer Chase and Spokane to Sandpoint Relays
- Hood to Coast Race Series, including the Hippie Chick Half, Helvetia Half, and NEW HTC Washington!
- Portland Marathon and Half Marathon
- New Heights Physical Therapy+
- Run Mama Run 5k and 10k
- Portland Triathlon Club
- Breakaway Promotions including the Columbia Gorge Marathon
- Tri Team PDX
- Oregon Trail Series including the Cottage Grove Half marathon and the Alsea Falls Spring Fling
- Good Sport Promotions including the Worst Day of the year Ride/Run, Twilight Half marathon
- Get Bold Events including Blooms to Brews
RUNdraising for your community!

RUNdraising for your community!

Excite your fundraising base and energize your employee wellness program!


Program begins Jan 30th


Program begins Feb 20th

One of our mission statements year in and year out is to continue to be your local conduit for going farther, remaining healthier, contributing to your community more, and having more fun than you’ve ever had before.  In the spirit of this commitment, we have a brand new community program called RUNdraising. If you are a non-profit or are committed to a particular non-profit, we hope you take a moment to find out how this can be a super fun and simple way to get fit and raise funds! 


Here are two REALLY SIMPLE ways a typical non-profit or corporate wellness program can make this work for them:

Option A:


Find out what others are saying about FTU!

Think of it like a jog-a-thon for adults. 🙂 We have a two awesome training programs called Foot Traffic University (FTU) and Foot Traffic Women’s Academy (an all women’s training program). They prepare participants for either a 5K, 10K, half, or full marathon. They are equally awesome program with lots of walkers and runners of all abilities. They are great for first timers or those struggling with consistency.  See the video links to the right to see how awesome these programs really are!  These are your “jog-a-thons” so to speak.

Offer a FREE entry into either one of these awesome training programs (your choice) to anyone you know or all of the past participants of your event (a $50-$95 value) in exchange for raising a certain amount of money during their training (ie. have each person gather just $300 in donations…the fundraising limit is your choice!).


Check out our all-women’s training program!

For example, if you get 20 people all training together in the program and each doing a little fundraising along the way with their friends/businesses/co-workers, they could raise $6,000 over the course of a few months! Again, basically like a jog-a-thon; you’re encouraging people to get fit and train with a group and asking them to get a few small “pledges” along the way. We even have a simple way for people to collect their pledges online if people donate with a credit card!

We have had other non-profits participate in this capacity for the last few years and they raised TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, so we know it works pretty well. It’s a pretty sweet deal, if we do say so ourselves!

Option B:

Request a unique code from us for your non-profit (ie. “CCAFTU” or “DOVEWA”) and encourage folks to sign up using this code. They will receive a $5 discount when registering and when we tally how many used your code, you will receive a check from us for $25 per person!  Not quite as big of an up-side, but definitely a super simple way to go!


Email for more details or other options!

Need to enter a donation? Click here to record the RUNdraising donations!

Your ONLY Portland Marathon Bag Check option!

As many of you know, the Portland Marathon does not offer a bag check anymore. Foot Traffic has stepped in to fill that gap by offering a bag check outside our Downtown store throughout that weekend. Here are the details:

How much does it cost?
The bag check is FREE to all Foot Traffic University and Women’s Academy members (another reason to join these awesome training programs!). Those that show a receipt from Foot Traffic for a purchase during September or October will have the fee waived as well! The fee is $8 for all others (proceeds benefiting the marathon’s official charity).
Where is it? 
The bag check will occur on the 3rd Ave. in front of Foot Traffic’s Downtown location. We are conveniently located right near the start line!
Can I drop my bag off early? 
Yes! You can drop your bag off either Friday or Saturday inside the DT Foot Traffic to save you time!
Can I grab something out of my bag after dropping it off?
NO! Unfortunately, once a bag is checked, we will not have the time to go back and retrieve it until after the race is done.
Can I use my own bag or will you have bags for me? YES! You can use your own bag (strongly encouraged). We ask that you come prepared with your bib number clearly written on the front of your bag (or simply wrap a large piece of duct tape around the handle and write your number on that). We will also have clear plastic bags that you can write your bib number on.

Email or call our Downtown store at 503.525.1243

Foot Traffic West Grand Opening Celebration

“A Celebration of Women’s Running”

Grand opening for the Fourth Foot Traffic location, serving the greater West side of the Portland-metro area.

Saturday, June 13th 8am-12pm (unveiling ceremony at 10am)

Foot Traffic, a local running and walking retail store chain, is holding a grand opening celebration for the opening of our fourth location at 13306 NW Cornell Rd. The themed of the event is “A Celebration of Women’s Running,” as we recognize and honor the strides of women’s running over the past 25 years. The public is invited to a special unveiling of a commissioned wood carving of professional runner and former Portland resident, Kara Goucher. In addition, Foot Traffic will be honoring a selection of local, influential women that have made a tremendous impact on women’s running in Portland. The carving will be completed by a local artist, David Hillesland of Oregon Chainsaw Sculptures.

See David below as he discovers the shape of Kara Goucher in the tree:

Thanks to Kara and the women we will honor on this day, women’s running is now a force to be reckoned with. In just 25 years, female race representation went from a measly 25% in 1990 to nearly 60% currently with over 10.8 million finishers! As the co-owner of Foot Traffic and father of two young daughters (with a third daughter on the way), recognizing and inspiring new generations of female participation in athletics is of particular importance to me. Kara and these fantastic women that are a huge reason female running is where it’s at today and why we feel we feel so much excitement for the sport! We will host a ceremony, prior to the 10am unveiling, to honor a handful of local, influential women that have made a huge impact on women’s running for young girls and women in our region. At 9:30am, we will present a certificates and a prize package to these women from both Foot Traffic and Oiselle, a women’s running apparel line started by a women runner. Kara is also currently sponsored by Oiselle after making the switch from Nike in 2014.

Why Kara Goucher?

Kara GoucherWe chose Kara because… Kara embodies the inspiration and impact of women’s running in the sport as one of the most widely followed professional runners of our times (male or female). She is a talented and strong female role model that has captivated the imagination of a generation of young runners, utilizing her engaging and accessible demeanor. Among many career highlights, she won the bronze medal in the 10K at the 2007 IAAF World Championships in Osaka, Japan. It was the first – and last – time that a U.S. athlete, man or woman, medaled at that distance in the championships. She ran a 2:25:53 at the 2008 New York Marathon, which was the fastest-ever American women’s marathon debut and an American course record. Her 3rd place finish was the first top three finish by an American woman in 14 years. She is a one of 7 women living in the United States to have run a 10 km race under 31 minutes and one of only 71 women have ever run under 31 minutes. And if her overall influence on the sport was ever in question, one needs only to look to Runner’s World magazine where she’s been on the cover a record SIX times.